A Burning Desire is about two hearts, two life journeys, and burning desires that cannot be ignored. One desires an unending love, while the other desires to fulfill a promise made to their loved one. When Lesedi Mashaba and Phuluso Tshifaro meet, they are drawn to one another from the minute they lay eyes on each other. Each of them are on their life’s journey and pursuing a relationship is not part of the plan. But when they both least expect it, Phuluso becomes the man Lesedi has always been looking for– respectful, loyal and a dedicated family man. In the midst of their perfect relationship, Phuluso is pulled back into a pit of darkness he cannot ignore. A pit he has been digging for years. Since the death of his twin sister, he has desired to take justice into his own hands when the law failed him. Will his love for Lesedi change his mind and his life around? Will he find solace in her arms? Or will he choose to jump into the pit of darkness where there is no return?

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