I am annoyed at Zakhele right now. I hate it when he pushes me around like a damn puppet. I am sitting at his porch, waiting for him to finish with his shower. His wife has served me with all sorts of breakfast food and I am not even hungry.
I am worried about Zakhele’s next move. I wanted to retaliate back at how Lufuno treated me but after reading the news about her in hospital, I thought ‘No!’ She has so much to deal with right now. She has moved out of her old house and she doesn’t want me near her new home. We know where she is staying, because ‘Zakhele’. He knows everything and I am even bothered by today’s meeting.
I pour myself another glass of whisky and wait some more. I don’t care how early it is, I need the whisky to help me keep calm. Zakhele comes to the porch while drying his brown dreadlocks. He has a smack on his face and I get knots in my stomach.
“Dude, come on, I have been waiting.”
“You had no choice.” He settles on the chair and pour himself whisky. He picks the ice cubes from that little shining ice bucket. “I went to see her.”
“What? You went to see who?”
“Your girlfriend.”
“You went to see Lufuno without telling me?”
‘I had to.”
“You had no right. Didn’t I tell you I will handle it? I told you a million times to leave Lufuno to me. I will handle her just fine. Please my guy, please stay away from her. Stay the hell away from Lufuno,” I say angrily. I know I am working for him and making it up to him for messing the last mission, but I would appreciate some respect.
“You are so in love and you are not thinking straight.”
“Come on, man. She just came out of hospital. She doesn’t need more stress. Just give her time to heal.”
“I don’t care about how sick she is. I need more money. I need more reserve because I am running out of cash. I don’t know if you want to continue sexing that filthy girl you sleep with for room over your head? I need money and Lufuno is our jackpot.”
He had to bring Zama in the discussion. That chick is driving me crazy. She is breathing on my neck every day. She has developed feelings and is making life hard for me. I even resorted to using protection with her to avoid her claiming she is pregnant with my child. I can’t deal with that much drama right now. I need Lufuno back in my life. I told Zama I need some place to crash for more months and all she does is demand more sex. I don’t feel her no more. All I need is some shelter. My modelling job is pushing a little for me to save and win Lufuno back into my lives. I honestly can’t afford a damn flat or back-room as at. They also need money back at home, for survival.
“Zakhele, look my man, please give me some time for me to convenience her that my business is now running and I need a little cash loan.”
“I need a little more than just a cash loan. I need money, my guy. Let me do things my own way.”
I know his way is always brutal and Lufuno doesn’t need that.
“Okay, I can score us the model agent. She likes me and she has a lot of money too…”
“Do you know that Lufuno Mudau has a few millions in her accounts, right? Do you know how many times I have seen her bank balance and need her to share some with me?” he says and giggles. I am totally annoyed by him. “Look, just step aside for me to do my work. You don’t want your little girl to know you have been using her while having sex with a girl like Zama. Her little heart will fail, once.”
I want to step aside and give-up working for him but I am worried about what he is going to do to Lufuno. She doesn’t deserve what is coming to her.
I stand and click my tongue at him. This is the day I regret ever knowing Zakhele and working for him. I am too worried about Lufuno and how Zakhele could hurt her deeply. I grab my phone from the table and walk away from his house. I hurry to get a taxi to town, and then one to Brooklyn to try look for Lufuno at her workplace. I get to her office at nine thirty.
“Gean, please man…please…I need to see Lufuno…it is very important.”
“I cannot promise you anything. I don’t know when she is coming next to the office and all her phones are off. I don’t know where she is.”
“Please stop lying…I need to…” I pause the moment I see Lufuno parade from the main entrance. She is wearing a navy blue fitted suit, white formal shirt and white sandals. She is wearing her hair so long. I watch as she takes off her sunglasses and parade some more to the elevator. I leave Gean with the receptionist and hurry to my woman.
“Babe,” I call out and she glare at me. I haven’t seen her in weeks I don’t know what we are anymore. She fakes a smile to me and presses the button to call the elevator. “Lufuno?”
“Hey Lufuno, you didn’t tell me you are coming through today.” It means I am lucky if her glorious PA didn’t know she is coming to work.
“Its fine Gean, I had to come back to work.” She presses the elevator button repeatedly. “Please give me back my diary.”
“Are you sure Lufuno?” her assistant asks.
“I am sure Gean.”
The elevator opens in front of us. She walks in and I follow in silence. She presses the floor and the elevator doors opens there. She parades to her office with me behind her. I don’t even know where to begin. She unlocks her office. I bet the employees didn’t expect her to work today because her office could have been unlocked for her.
She walks into her white office and takes off her blazer. I have been in this office so many times but it is a little dry today. I settle on the seat as she gets herself comfortable in her very own chair.
“Gean, please arrange flowers for my office and order us breakfast from Spur. Yes, Gean come on, I know. Please arrange the flowers and reorganise today’s meetings to me.” She puts the phone down and smile at me. She looks fine but I know she is probably putting a strong face.
“How are you?” I ask and she tells me she is doing very fine.
“Sorry I shut you out. I had a lot to deal with and I needed some time off from everything.”
“I fully understand.”
“Uhm…I came because we need to talk.”
“Muzi, please.”
“Lufuno, I need you in my life. I miss you. I miss us. I know we started off on the wrong foot but I need you to give me a chance to love you with all my heart.”
“I need to work on myself Muzi and you also need to work on yourself because I feel like you are insecure. Breaking Khathu’s car window? And the things you told me? That I will regret if I ever make you angry?”
“I didn’t mean that. I was just sad. Very sad,” I said pulling my phone from the back pocket. I swipe to the gallery and placed it infront of her. She picks the phone and scroll through the professional pictures of me on a runaway of a fashion show. She nods as she keeps scrolling. “See I have been working on myself while waiting for you to heal. I need you.”
“I understand but I just want to take everything slowly. Everything, including my relationships and work and everything. I need to work on me first.”
“It is him you desire, right?”
“Is it that guy Khathu you love that you don’t want to give me a chance?”
“He has a girlfriend, you shouldn’t be worried about him,” she says, a little bit angry.
Hee madoda! Lufuno is one beautiful woman. I am watching her switching on her laptop. She looks flawless while at it. I stare at her white shirt which is slightly open on the cleavage area. I remember once sliding my hands to her boobs. She used to like it. I don’t know about now. She doesn’t look so delighted to have me here. I am prepared to wait for her until she is well. She is my woman and I am going to do my best to win her back. It can take me all time in the world, but I will fight back in her life. Fighting for her starts with me protecting her from Zakhele.
“Yes?” she raises her eyes to me.
“How hard do you protect your finances?” I ask and she shoots her eyes open. “Ohh…I am asking because I was reading about some old white man who lost a lot of money because his accounts were hacked.”
“What are you saying?” she folds her arms and stare at her.
“No…I just wanted to advice, you know?”
“Advice on what exactly?” I think I just shot myself on the foot.
“Ahh Lufuno, I thought I should advice you so you don’t lose money. I read on the news and I thought I should warn you of your finances and assets.”
“It is just weird that you are bringing this up. Like I am just finding it awkward.”
“No…you don’t have to…well I thought I should advice.” I say and she goes back to whatever she is doing on her laptop.
“Oh, and some guy, your friend, was here a while back. He needs our services.”
“What services?” I quickly ask. So Zakhele was not lying.
“A birthday celebration for his wife. He didn’t tell you?”
“He…uhm…he mentioned it in passing. What exactly did he ask from you?”
“What now? I can’t say much,” she shoots her eyes to me. “He is my client and I cannot be discussing his business with you.”
Gean brings the breakfast and place it on the table, far away from the workstation. She leaves the room after taking a few orders from her boss. Lufuno tells me to help myself and I walk to the table with food. I pull a chair and grab a cup of coffee. I have eaten at Zakhele’s house but I am buying time with Lufuno. I need to win her back into my life.
“Hey, I saw your ad on TV. It came out so perfectly.” I say and she nods. She looks like she is deep in whatever she is busy with. I decide to sip my coffee in silence to avoid her from kicking me out.
“Whaaatttttt?” she says and punches the keys on the laptop so many times.
“Lufuno, what’s wrong?” I stand from my seat. She picks her office phone and dial the numbers angrily.
“Wait a minute,” she snaps at me while placing the phone to her ear. “What the hell is going on with my accounts? Zack, what do I hire you for? I just took a few weeks from work and already my money is missing from my account? I know my balance. The company had over R500 000 for operation…i am at less than R150 000 and I want to find out how so? No, it is not that because I signed off four payments which did not even cost me more than what is missing. Why did I hire you if you are not scrutinising the accounts for me? Hell no Zack, no one contacted me to authorise anything. You know if it wasn’t for someone mentioning about scams, I would have relaxed because I have you to do your job.”
She hangs up and dial another number.
“Gean, I want you to arrange a meeting with the accounts team, now. I said now, Gean!” she shouts and then threw her phone.
This has ‘Zakhele’ written all over it. Who else can silently steal money from the bank if not him? He didn’t tell me he was taking this route. I am standing here, trying to act as shocked as she is. She cannot dare find out I was part of this.
“Muzi, why do I have this weird feeling about this? Did you?”
“What?” I ask angrily. “What the hell are you talking about?”
“No, I am just…you know what? Forget it.” She says and sits back on her comfy chair. “Do you mind us meeting some ther time? I have to get to the bottom of this, right now.”
I grab the coffee and walk out of the office. I pull my phone from my pocket the second I walk out of the building. I dial Zakhele’s number.
“Hey my man,” he says happily.
“What the hell did you do?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Lufuno’s money?”
“Oh, she found out? Only after four days?”
“Zakhele, didn’t we talk about this?”
“I was just checking if I still have it in me. I am proud of myself for pulling this one.”
“Dude, are you crazy? She is going to get to the bottom of this.”
“She won’t pick anything up unless you tell her who is doing that. The R350 000 was just the beginning”
“R350 000, are you damn crazy?” I hiss.
“It’s nothing compared to what she has. But I should commend her for freezing her accounts. I couldn’t tap into it.”
“You know what, I am going to tell her about this.”
“Do so, if you want me to tell her where her phone was when she couldn’t find it when you were still spending time in her house. Try me. It might be time for her to meet her sex buddy or your sex buddy rather? No, infact Zama is her sex buddy via you,” he says and roars with laughter.
“Zakhele, please man, she is vulnerable right now. You can’t do this. I will score you a perfect mission.”
“I work well with the vulnerable. You know what I am waiting for her to do?” he laughs. “I am waiting for her to unfreeze one account to transfer to her operating account, I will also make my own transfer. My woman needs a trip to New York.”
“You make me sick.”
“I now make you sick?” he asks and laugh. “Just sit and relax. Let me do my job and youl tell me if you need a share. I need just a million. Nothing much. Just a million.”
Just a million?
Is he crazy?