The life I lived was tiring. I wanted out so bad but how could I do so when Lufuno was already in love and so vulnerable. Zakhele knew where to find her and he would hurt her badly. I had no choice but to play along.
The boom gate opened in front of me and I drove in to park outside Zakhele’s garage. I could see Zakhele sitting outside the patio with a laptop in front of him and whisky on his hand. I used to fancy his life, which is why I started working with him. It was fun but I wanted out. It was wrong and it was starting to choke me.
I walked up to where he was sitting. I threw his car keys on the table in front of him.
“No scratch, correct?” he asked without raising his eyes from the laptop.
“Ofcourse, not.”
“How did it go?” he wanted feedback like I was his lousy employee. We were dealing with a woman I truly liked here.
“Not so great.” I said and he raised his eyes. “She has cameras all over the house, I can’t easily snoop in her things.”
He sighed and rested his back on the chair.
“I need to hack her security system and shut those cameras down.” I trusted him to do that. Zakhele was an IT specialist and could hack into anything. He kept his cool in his work so he didn’t get caught. He could easily transfer money from one’s account with just a click, however, he preferred doing it the cleanest way. He preferred accessing the accounts with correct pins and details to avoid the police knocking on his door.
“Like I told you, I couldn’t snoop around…plus she stays with her father.”
“Whaaattt?” he asked and I nodded my head. I was trying to keep him away from Lufuno as much as I could.
“Her father watched me like a hawk. So I don’t know how we are going to get into her.”
“Uhm…maybe you could bring her here. I need her phone for a few hours so that I can hack it.”
“Well, I don’t know, man…she prefers our dates in her house.”
“Why do I have a feeling you are hiding things from me?” he asked after taking a long drag of the cigarette.
“For what reason?” I asked and he blew the air into my face. He knew me too well.
“The stupid crush you have on this woman?” he said and I shook my head with a cold face. “When are you seeing her again?”
“Next week. She is going out of town for a week,” I lied. I needed to come up with a grand plan to keep Lufuno away from Zakhele. I needed a plan to keep her safe.
“Fine. So long, there is someone I need you to knock off her feet.”
“Who is that? I thought I told you Lufuno is the last.”
“Oh, yes. Never mind. I will do it myself. I think I might end up getting into this Lufuno chick myself too.”
“I’ve got everything under control.” I angrily said while standing up. There was no way I was going to allow him next to her.
“Where are you off too?”
“Home. I need to rest a bit.”
“I will drop you later,” he said and I shook my head. I needed to walk so I could take some time to think. Stone Ridge was not so far away from where I stayed. I could walk a good hour but it was good enough to let me unwind.
“Don’t be silly, man…I will drive you home,” he forced.
“Fine.” I mumbled. I didn’t want him to see that I had a serious problem with that mission.
It was fun in the beginning. I met Zakhele a few years ago through another friend. I was job hunting without success until I landed into Zakhele’s door. I made a good living from a few women before. They paid for my rent, vacations and I drove their cars. I took a lot of money from them to build my mother a house and support my three siblings. I didn’t regret any of my actions, I just didn’t want to bring Lufuno into that. Also, the last woman found out amy dirt nd threated to get me locked up. She took away the car she bought me, the flat and left me penniless.
I waited for Zakhele to finish his whiskey before he dropped me at Olieven. Zama was watching TV with a bottle of Savanna in her hand. She liked to drink on Saturdays, with me.
I greeted and she looked away and ignored me. I didn’t have time for her so I headed to my room to find my bags packed and left on my bed. The closet was empty.
“Zama, what is going on?” I returned to the living room where she was sitting, ignoring my questions. “Zama, what is going on? Why are my bags on the bed?”
“That’s because I want you out of my house,” she yelled and I almost dropped my jaws to the floor.
“Zama, you are telling me to move out?”
“I want you the hell out of my house.”
“What did I do?”
“When last did we have sex? All you do since you came back from that stupid vacation is look at your phone and stay on that phone for hours with whoever it is you are now in love with,” she shouted.
“But you were on your periods last week…I would have given you some?”
“Yes, but I am not now. I waited for you the whole night the other day. I waited the whole day today so we could have our chillas but there you are looking like a rich nigga in stupid blue chino shorts…I hear you on a phone chuckling with a woman every day for weeks now. Soooooo, move to her house already and leave me alone.”
“What happened to not catching feelings?”
“Not catching feelings? You stupid, Muzi. I want you out so that I can find myself a man who won’t be busy entertaining other woman for a living. You are nothing but a prostitute of a man and I don’t even know what I am doing here with you,” she loudly said as I walked closer to her. She needed a quick fix. I knew her dramatic tactics are to get her cookie scratched. “No, stay away from me Muzi.”
I was not going to stay away from her because I had nowhere to go. My pride did not allow me to move to Zakhele’s house. I couldn’t ask Lufuno to accommodate a grown man like me, worse when she saw me like gold. I didn’t want to move back to Soweto where my family was. I had to be as close as I could be to Lufuno to keep Zakhele away from her.
“Come on, Zama.”
“Ungangidini wena Muzi,” she raised her voice.
“I am sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your needs…come, let me do to you what I do best,” I said while pulling her to stand. She was wearing a short dress, with easy access to her warm thighs. “Won’t you want me to give you a good one?”
She kept her eyes on me while I grabbed her butt. I pulled her dress up until she had to lift her arms for me to take it off.
Pink bra and a yellow underwear! What a turn off, but I had no choice but to keep myself turned on. I pulled her closer as I started kissing her. She allowed the kiss and even parted her lips for me to suck on her tongue. She liked it dirty. I knew Zama too well.
I tried to undo her bra. It was always a struggle for me so she helped me while I received her boobs into my hands.
She moaned as I suck on each of them.
“You like that?” I asked and she moved one of my hands to her womanhood. “Oh, you don’t me to waste time, huh.”
“Haisukha Muzi…stop talking nonsense and get down to it,” She snapped and I smiled.
She was drunk already.
I moved her to the couch where I gave her the head and made rough love to her. She always loved it rough like that. With her screaming my name the whole session, I knew she was going to unpack my bags the following day.
I put on my boxers while she did her underwear. That was always the routine. No cuddling unless I felt lonely or we needed a second round.
“I am going to take a shower,” she said and left me lying on the couch with my eyes fixed on the ceiling.
Things were starting to feel weird. I had been a different man since I met Lufuno. I loved her smile and her sweetest heart. I was worried I might break her heart and leave her wounded. She didn’t deserve that. I liked her but she could never be with a man like me. I was too much of peasant to her lifestyle.
The following day I headed to her house in the late afternoon for our picnic date. I used an Uber since I didn’t want Zakhele to know she was around. I lied about her being away and had to maintain the lie. The assistant girl opened the door for me on her way out.
Lufuno was at the porch, sitting on a huge cushion, with a glass of red wine in her hand. She looked sexy like she always did.
“How is your ankle?” I asked while reaching to sit on the cushion next to her. She had set up the picnic beautifully.
“It is much better. Gean got me this ankle protector so I keep it intact,” she said while showing me the white protector sock.
“That was very wise of her.”
“I prepared this for you.”
She had prepared platters of meat, fruits and sorts of cheese to go with the wine. I forgot to bring the wine I promised.
“Thank you, babe…it looks perfect.” I gave her a fake smile.
“Are you alright?”
“What? Why?”
“You seem a little tense. Are you bothered by anything?” she asked and I ensured her I was fine but just tired.
We sat there for hours while chatting and getting to know each other. We shared about our past relationships and it broke my heart to find out she had a tear-jerking break-up with her ex. The dude left her days after she lost their baby through an accident. She was still in hospital when he broke up with her in front of her family. She still blamed herself for the loss of her baby. It broke my heart when she shed a tear talking about it.
“I like you, so bad and I don’t know why I am feeling like this,” she started. “I thought I wasn’t ready to move on, but when I met you, everything changed. You made me feel special. You gave me hope.. I don’t know where this will take us, but please Muzi, can you please stick around only if you have good intentions with me? I don’t want to be hurt again. I have been through a lot in my life I dont know if I can survive another heart break.”
“Yea…yes…” I said without keeping my eyes on her. I couldn’t lie in her face. My heart was strangely not allowing that to happen.
“What Muzi? What’s wrong?” She saw through me.
“Okay Lufuno, I meant it when I said I am falling for you but there are some things you need to know about me.”
“What? Are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?” I saw sadness in her face.
Zama was not my girlfriend, so No, I didn’t have a girlfriend and I was not married.”
“I am not what I portrayed to be.” I cleared my throat before letting out more information. “I am not well-off, I don’t drive that Golf R, I don’t stay in Stone Ridge were your chauffer dropped me at, I live with a friend in some fucked up township…I don’t even have a job.”
Her eyes were almost popping out to the floor. She narrowed her eyes and folded her arms to her chest.
“Funi, I am telling you this because I am tired of living a lie…I know we can never be together because you are well-off and I am just a no-body, I am literally nothing. I used to be good but my business went down the drain…so I have to start all over again.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I never thought we would get to this.” I said and there was silence. I watched as she took in the information. It was hard and I was scared to lose her. She was not yet mine but I was already scared to lose her.
“Look, I understand…I just don’t think fate would have brought us together if we were never meant for each other. Remember we met a lot kilometers away from here? We didn’t meet again here in Joburg for nothing…don’t you think?”
“Uhm…yah!” I murmured.
How was I going to tell her it was not anything close to fate that made us meet in Joburg? That we hacked into her emails and got the address of where to meet again? My heart didn’t want to break hers.
“I don’t want us to labels this yet…but I want to get to know the real you Muzi…the real you without a golf R or a house like mine. I can help you with a job there at my event company, you can always find something to do there, you just have to be humble enough to let me help…or I can help you rebuild your business, you know?”
That woman was genuinely in love. She had a greatest heart. How could I say No to a woman wanting to assist me to shape my life around? There was no way I was leaving her. Zakhele was going to find another target. I was going to fight to stay with Funi.
“I have never met an amazing woman like you. With a good heart like yours.” I said and kissed the back of her hand. She blushed.
“Thank you for being honest with me.”
It felt better, even with the diluted truth. I was going tell her the whole of the truth when the time was perfect.
“Come now…I think I need to cuddle.” I said and scooped her from the ground. I knew her bedroom so I carried her there with us giggling and flirting the whole way there. I needed to seal the conversation with an act.
I dropped her on her soft bed and pulled her dress off. Unlike Zama, she was wearing a matching red bra and a sexy lacey underwear. I swallowed hard as I observed her well-built vanilla body.
“I had a 90-days rule.” She whispered and then bite her lower lip.
“I will keep it to that, I promise…but let me make you happy.” I whispered and she shyly covered her eyes.
I planted my soft kisses on her stomach and down to her panties. I blew cold air into her underwear and she gasped. She was the extremely sensitive type. Also, I knew how to do the trick well. I moved her panty to the side with my fingers and dug into her, fresh dripping-wet, cavern.
“Muzi…” she gasped with her eyes closed.