I opened my eyes and it was a little dark in the room but the television was still playing softly. I dozed off while watching some boring movie. One bottle of dry red wine was finished and I got the evidence from just a slight headache. I hopped out of bed and put on some track pants and a vest. I was hungry so I had no choice but to go to the kitchen. I picked an empty bottle and the dirty glass; and headed to the kitchen.
After the cat fight in the morning, I decided to lock myself in my room the whole day. All I did was to take a shower, collect food and wine; and watched TV the whole afternoon until I dozed off. It was actually peaceful than arguing with the people I loved dearly.
“Oh, there you are. We missed you.” Masindi said when I walked into the lounge. The couples were chilled cosily watching a movie and I should admit that I was jealous. They all uncomfortably moved away from each other except for Masala and her boyfriend.
“Missed me my foot.” I whispered to myself while walking to the kitchen.
“You are still angry?” Masala laughed and it annoyed me. She was testing my patience and I was already running out of it. I was really tired of all the fighting and Masala seemed eager to fight til the end.
Why was it so hard for these people to allow me to sulk as much as I wanted? I was hurt. I felt betrayed.
“Please stop annoying me Masala,” I said.
“Or else what? What are you going to do?” she shouted from the couch. Her boyfriend gazed at her but she ignored him. Everyone was just tired of her drama.
“Guys are we not tired of fighting?” Masindi asked calmly. She was always calm and it was because she was the oldest amongst us.
“I am really regretting coming here with you guys. It is my fault. I am also sorry for allowing Khathu to twist this vacation into this. I truly apologise. I also apologise that he is not here. He can only make it on Monday,” Oscar said from his seat. “Can we move on from these fights already?”
“How are we going to move on when the queen here wants us to kiss her feet and bow down to her?” Masala asked, rolling her eyes. “She has got to understand we were doing her a great favour. She is lonely and this Khathu guy was just going to complete her.”
Who said I needed a man? I knew I was lonely, but I didn’t ask anyone to arrange a man for me.
“Okay, what do you want us to do to fix this? Anything sissy?” Lucy asked. No one had asked me what I needed all these time. Instead I was victimised by my own friend.
“I want your men to go book in another house so that we continue to have the vacation I had initially planned.”
“I think that is fair enough, right guys? Why didn’t we think of this already?” Oscar asked, looking at the other guys.
“She is crazy!” Masala jumped in.
“Stop calling me crazy.” I warned her with my finger pointed at her.
“How can three people move because of one person? Haaa guys, Haikhona…why do you guys like worshipping her?”
“Babe, no, this is her vacation and…..” Masala’s boyfriend tried to say before she jumped off the couch and rushed to my room. Masindi and Lucy ran after her and I stood there in the kitchen, with my arms crossed on my chest. The headache I was having didn’t allow me to have unnecessary energy. The guys seemed defeated by all the drama.
“I need some air.” Masindi’s boyfriend stood from his seat and walked out of the house. He was followed by Oscar and Masala’s boyfriend. Shame, they could not stand the drama anymore.
I hear the ladies shouting from my bedroom and I was starting to get curious. I rushed to my room only to find Masala packing things into my luggage bag.
“What the hell are you doing with my things?” I shouted at her. “You have no right to touch my damn things inwi Masala.”
“I want you to get out of this house….my man will refund you now…I want you to get the hell out of here.” Masala was fuming with anger.
“Don’t tell me-” I tried to say, but Masala slapped me across my face.
I sat on my bed with one hand on my cheek. I did not believe what she just did to me. I sat quietly as tears fell down my eyes. The slight headache became a migrane.
“Haven’t you ever asked yourself why your boyfriends never stay?” Masala shouted in my face. “Every little damn thing is about you. You, you, you Lufuno. Everyone should adjust to what you want. We are not your puppets. I am just tired, really. We were doing this for you and all you need to do is chill and let us enjoy this vacation. Is Monday so far for you to welcome your date? Haaaai man, you are making me so angry. We live for you. We always adjust to your feelings. If you don’t want to be here, then leave.”
“Sis, are you alright?” Lucy asked, kneeling in front of me.
I could not believe my friend slapped me. It felt like a trance.
“Please, leave my room.” I requested while wiping my tears.
“Fine…but my man is not going anywhere…if you are unhappy, please leave and get yourself a room.” Masala shouted as she walked out of my room. She was not even sorry about what she did to me. I asked my sister and Masindi to leave so I could be alone. I packed my clothes in my luggage bags. My phone beeped and it was a payment notification from Masala. She meant war and I was not going to stay here and swallow my pride. I put on some sneakers and a hoodie then pushed my luggage out of the room.
“Haaaa Lufuno…you can’t leave now.” Lucy said from the couch. The room was silent and I knew it was because of the fight I had with Masala. The guys were not back yet.
“It’s late, you can’t leave now.” Masindi said.
“Please guys. I am tired of all these fights and I am really drained…I am so tired of all these fights so I have to go. I will ask the reception to organise me a shuttle to town. I am sorry for the-…”
“Finally, she is sorry.” Masala clapped her hands.
“Lufuno, please you can’t go.” Lucy stood from her couch. I could see worry in her face.
“Let her go…stop treating her like a queen…she is a millionaire so she is going to book another house, now!”
“Sesi, it’s okay. I swear. I am alright and I want you to stay…I will get a hotel when I get to town.”
Another fight was about to erupt when Lucy tried to stop me from leaving. I could be everything bad you can imagine but I was not so violent. And I no longer had the energy to fight some more.
I pulled my bags outside just when Masala was fighting with everyone. I was happy that I was leaving that mess but I had no idea what I was doing. What I knew was that I was exhausted from all that fighting.
I managed to get to the reception. I placed my bags in the corner of the room and freely walked to the receptionist.
“Good evening ma’am…may I assist you?” she asked me with a curious face. Her eyes swayed at my luggage bags fit for two weeks.
“Can you please arrange me a shuttle to the nearest town?”
“Uhm…ma’am, we might have a problem.”
“What problem?”
“See…we are located in a private farm and the arrangements we had with the owner was the drive-in and out times… it’s one of the things you acknowledged when you signed the terms and conditions.”
“What do you mean?” I never read their terms and conditions.
“It is after nine o’clock, and the farm owner takes it as trespassing…so we cannot risk our drivers to….”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I raised my voice. My heart was starting to pump out of my chest. The pride I had did not allow me to walk back to that house and what I needed was to drive out of that place.
“Please calm down.” She said.
“I am stranded and I need to get out of here.”
“You cannot be stranded ma’am. Why don’t you go back to your villa and you will travel tomorrow morning at five am.”
“I can’t go back to that house…do you have any room available?”
She clicked on her computer and I was starting to shake with fear. I was not, in anyway going back to that freaking house.
“Uhm, ma’am… we might have a slight problem.” She advised.
Why was there always a problems in my life?
“The only available villa we have is a three bedroomed villa.” She lifted her head from the screen and gazed at me.
“That is not a problem.” I chuckled.
“For all the three to five bedroomed villas, we require a minimum of three nights.”
“You must be kidding me.” I laughed.
“No ma’am.”
“Can I speak to the manager?” I requested. “I bet there is something we can work out.”
“I am the manager…my husband too but he is not around today.”
“So then you can help me. I need just a room to sleep for tonight.”
“I am afraid I cannot help as…”
“Fine. I’ll take it!” There was no way I was going back to the villa in which Masala was in. She was even right, I have millions to spend and renting a villa for fifteen thousand was not going to cripple my bank account in any way. Also, she paid back my twenty thousand anyway. I was also not going to beg the lady infront of me.
She assigned my villa and called a gentleman to lead me to it. Thankfully it was far away from my previous villa. He walked in and placed my bags in the main bedroom. I walked to the kitchen to make tea as he walked around the house, switching on the lights for me.
“Would you like me to assist you with anything?”
“No thank you.” I responded while watching him go around the house to make sure I settled in.
Deep down I was wishing for some company. I needed something to fill the emptiness I was feeling deep down my heart at that minute.
He glanced at me with pity on his face. I felt pity for myself too.
I was in a three bedroomed villa, all by myself.
“Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee, perhaps?” I sounded desperate but I just needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to listen to me.
“A cup of coffee with me?” he pointed at his chest with his grey gloves.
I stood in front of him with tears twinkling my eyes. The last thing I wanted was for people to feel pity on me, but I could not stand the loneliness I was feeling. He uncomfortably looked around and thereafter took off his gloves. He seemed speechless.
“Please…please!” I whispered.