My member was pressing on Lufuno like a hardened steel. That was the moment I have always been dreaming of, for so long. Having Lufuno in my bosom and having contact with her vanilla skin. I moved my hands to her butt and caressed it through the silk short night-dress. I feel my hands warming up with each hand-movement I made. Her expensive scent intoxicated me as she kept tightening the hug.
I opened my eyes hard and looked around to be sure that I was not dreaming. Lufuno was indeed in my arms, with hers on my neck, locking me in. Her hair smelled as perfect as I had always imagined. Her skin was as flawless as I have seen it from afar. My D-man kept jerking inside my pants and Lufuno sustained rubbing on it with her lower body. It felt amazing.
All the dreams I always had of us together came flooding in. I had always wished to make her happy and make love to her the best way she needed it. She kept tightening the hug and my hardened steel kept twitching to the pleasure.
“Thank you so much for having my back,” she whispered and I moaned to her voice. It was hypnotizing and turning me on.
Marvin Gaye stopped singing, bringing me back to reality. Reality that I might hurt Tshepo with what I was about to do. I promised her with my life, that I won’t hurt her intentionally and I was about to do just that.
‘I promise with all my heart, I will do everything in my power not to hurt you,’ my exact words to Tshepo echoed in my head before I could grab Lufuno’s neck for a passionate kiss.
I cleared my throat and moved my body a little for Lufuno to get the idea. We had to stop but I didn’t want her to feel bad about me turning her down. Also, Lufuno was in a bad space and I didn’t want us to do something that we would both regret. I cleared my throat again and she quickly let go and threw herself on the couch.
“I am so sorry, Khathu?” she said and I drop on the couch far away from her. I swore under my breath and hoped my penis could relax. The show has stopped and it could go back to rest. It was 23h45 and I couldn’t ask her to drive home. I also didn’t want to make it my burden to drive up and down at this hour of the night. I was way too exhausted from working until late after a longest Ad shoot.
“Would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked and she shook her head. She was definitely embarrassed about what we were about to do. I was embarrassed too. It was really awkward and going to bed was just the best idea.
I was a gentleman enough but I was not going to let Lufuno use my bed, which practically belonged to Tshepo now. I also could not let her use Michelle’s room because it is a no-go area so she had to crush on the couch.
“Let me get you a pillow,” I said and head to my room to get a pillow for her. I had already given her a blanket earlier when she fell peacefully asleep on my couch. I came back with a pillow and laid it beside her on the couch she was using.
“Khathu, I am sorry.”
“You don’t have to be sorry. I also wanted to…feel you, but I have a girlfriend now and I don’t want to disrespect her.”
“I understand.”
I take my laptop from the table and strode to my room. I tried working but couldn’t focus. I kept replaying what we were doing minutes ago. It felt good but boy I couldn’t allow myself to hurt Tshepo even if I wanted to. I tossed and turned until I fell asleep hours later.
I am woken in the morning by an aggressive knock on my main door. I could hear the knock from my bedroom and that person was not determined to leave before having me open. I pulled my cellphone to check the time but it was off. I forgot to charge it the previous night. I pulled my vest from a chair next to my window and put it on. I definitely knew who it was. My neighbour was from that Jehovah’s Witness church and he went around the floor sharing the word of God and inviting us to join his church every Sunday morning. He never got tired of knocking on our doors and he was always determined to have a chat.
Lufuno was also getting up from the couch. She looked worried by the knock. Her weave was messed up, I should have given her my gym head wrap, I never used it anyway.
“Relax, Jehovah’s witness,” I said to her walking to the door barefooted. She was up now and folding the blanket. I hurried to the door to open it. I needed to tell the guy to come back in the afternoon.
I was in my boxer’s and a vest; and she was in a long peach dress.
“Khathu, your phone is off and I need a serious loo…oh I brought the scones and jam,” Tshepo said while doing the little dance to suppress the nature’s call. She had a container in her hands and a bottle of strawberry jam. I thought she was joking when she said she would bring me scones and jam for breakfast so that I know she can bake for me at any day. We were chatting the previous evening and she was baking scones with her mother. I never thought she would stop by on her way to church with her whole family.
“Tshepo?” I utter, shaking from what she would be invited to inside.
“Come on now…take this…I need to pee…let me rush to the loo,” she said while throwing the containers in my hands. She pushed me aside and rushed inside. I followed behind and she stood frozen in the kitchen. Lufuno was also standing with a gown in her hands. Her hair was still as messy as the time I saw her. I felt my body sweat up.
“Babe,” I said to calm her nerves and explain myself. But how could I do that with Lufuno sexily standing in my living room in a silk short dress and messy hair?
“Oh, I need to pee,” she quickly rushes to the toilet and left us staring at each other. Lufuno quickly put on her gown and pull her sneakers while I hurried to the bathroom door.
“Babe, can I come in?” I called out but she didn’t say anything. I tried the door but it was locked. “Babe, it is not what you think, okay? She was here last night because she needed someone to talk to and she fell asleep and couldn’t drive home in the middle of the night. She slept on the couch. Please believe me.”
I heard the toilet flush and then the water running from the basin. I was expecting her to walk out but she didn’t come out. Instead, I heard a soft cry and it felt like a dagger was pressed to my heart. I banged the door for her to open but she didn’t come out at my call. Only minutes later, she slowly opened the door.
“Babe, nothing happened.”
“You are in your boxers and she is in a sexy gown and you still want to take me for a fool?” she asked calmly with no trace of the sobs.
“Please believe me.”
“I am late for church.” She walked past me, stopped by the door and turned back to me. “You can have her all you want.”
“Tshepo, stop!”
“I mean it, you can have her. I was just a fool to believe we can make it work with you still in love with her,” she said and then hurried out. I rushed after her but there were a few people standing with her, waiting for the elevator and I was still in my boxers, barefooted. I was defeated. I scanned down stairs to see Mr Maake’s car waiting outside the gate. I had no choice but to walk back to the house and flood her phone with messages and phone calls. I walked inside my flat and bang close the kitchen door. I reached for the kitchen counter and lean against it. I just messed up my new relationship.
Lufuno was not in the living room and I didn’t see her walk out. She peeped from the balcony and I told her to come inside. I walked to the key holder behind the kitchen door and pulled her Audi car keys. I placed it in her hand and asked her to leave. My generosity just complicated my relationship.
“Can I please call ntate Molefe to come pick me up? I will make arrangements to get the car picked up before the evening,” she asked.
“Whatever,” I said and turned to walk to my room. I stopped on my tracks when she called my name.
“I am sorry,” she said.
“For what? For complicating my relationship with my woman or for seducing me?” I snapped and she looked shocked. I know I rubbed and caressed her body but I should have driven her home and let her chauffeur pick the car up.
She sighed and said, “For both.”
“What is done is done,” I shrugged.
“I know you are not going to ever want to see me ever again so can we please talk?”
“Talk about what Lufuno?”
“About Muzi,” she said and dropped her eyes. “There is something you know and I wish you tell me what it is. He has changed and I am worried about what he could be hiding…and he broke your window.”
“Smashed it with his fist you mean?” I asked and she cleared her throat. “Look, I am one guy who stays out of people’s business. I don’t want my name to be dragged into the mud when people fix their problem and leave me for a fool. If you are meant to find out, you will definitely do.”
“Please Khathu,” she pleaded and her voice was seductive to my ears. I was tempted to tell her that Muzi, the man that made her heart dance, was busy sexing another woman to shelter for him. I was intoxicated once again by her pleading eyes but I have no room for more drama in my life.
But why didn’t Lufuno just give me a chance when she could have? I mean, I was going to love her whole heartedly and not hurt her. I was also not going to break Tshepo’s heart in any way. Now, everything was just complicated.
“Look, I wish I could help you, but I can’t. You are probably going back to lay in his bed, on his chest and drag my name into your sexy pillow talk. I am sorry. Please make that call so they pick you up,” I said. I walked to the bedroom and threw myself on the bed.
I have messed up and I have no idea what I am going to get out of the mess. Everything about what Tshepo saw was just wrong. There was nothing to say to justify the situation.
Lufuno left after an hour and Tshepo was still ignoring my calls and texts. It was already noon and I wished I could see her. She was still staying at home and I could not go to their house. That would be disrespecting. I kept flooding her phone until I eventually gave up. The only thing left to do was to go to her office the next day.
On Monday morning I had to take the car to PG Glass for the replacement of the window. I couldn’t drive around with that guy’s fist shaped on my driver’s window. People kept giving me funny looks at the robots and I was worried if it rained. I had booked it in online over the weekend and I had no choice but to have it fixed. I thought it was going to take just an hour or so to fix a mere window, but No! They told me to pick the car after work. They drove me to work very late and the first thing I did was to flood Tshepo’s phones with more SMSs. I couldn’t start by her office because I was car-less. Our next brief meeting was on Wednesday but I couldn’t wait until then. I needed to make her believe me. I felt guilty for cuddling with Lufuno but nothing more than that happened.
I was about to log onto the NetFlorist to have flowers delivered to her when I remembered I could call the reception. She would not ignore the business calls.
I dialed MBC main reception and the receptionist forwarded my call to her secretary.
“MBC, Architecture division, how may I help you?” an unfamiliar voice says. I always dealt with Tshepo without going through to anyone.
“Good morning, I am looking for Tshepo.”
“Regarding?” she asked.
“We are supposed to meet for lunch later and I wanted to make changes on our meeting times, can you please forward me to her number?” I lied. Anything to get hold of my Tshepo.
“Oh my word, Sir, I already booked her flight to Cape Town and she should be in the flight in a few minutes. What time do you want to change your lunch date to?”
“Lunch date?” I asked.
“Are you not Mr Tokello Mabala?”
“Yes, I am. I have been swamped with so much work I can’t get my head around things…please remind me our venue?”
“Haaa Sir,” she chuckled. “You just said at the Wine Loft at One & Only hotel but I didn’t book her there, she said it is too expensive for her pocket but she will be there for your marvelous date.”
I hanged up on her.
I tried to remember where I heard that name from because it rang a bell. I also tried to make sense of the marvelous lunch date she was talking about. Why would Tshepo fly to Cape Town for a lunch date?
“Business lunch,” I convinced myself. But why at the most expensive resort?
I switched my laptop on and forced myself to work on some reports. I couldn’t focus as I was damn curious. I cracked my head to remember what business I knew about Tokello Mabala and there was none.
Was he the best Architect that always inspired Tshepo? I couldn’t recall.
I pulled my laptop closer to me and goggled the name. His picture flashed on the screen followed by his title ‘Aircraft Captain’.
Tokello Mabala was Tshepo’s fiancé who had cold-feet and never married her. Her ex was a pilot captain. With that, I remembered the name was indeed Tokello Mabala. She once mentioned it on our friend-zone days when I questioned her about her dumb fiancé and she was generous with the details.
So Tshepo fled to Cape Town to meet her EX for a lunch date at the damn One & Only resort?
Damn you, Tshepo Maake! Damn you!