I had my hands on my beautiful caramel woman. Who would have thought?
I had her pressed against the wall with my hands pressing against her boobs, one by one, I caressed them. Her shirt and mine were on the floor. She dug her manicured nails on my back while I played my tongue in her mouth.
It had been a while since I passionately made love to a woman. In front of me stood the one my heart was ready to connect with. She was as naughty as I was and I was ready for the journey. I loved sneaky sex.
She softly moaned as I cupped her boobs. Boy, oh boy, was my blood rushing from my toes to my head. I pressed my chest against her warm bare upper body. The feeling was overpowering me as people kept gathering outside for a meeting. I continued kissing her while she unzipped my trouser. I quickly pulled my wallet before letting the belt loose. She held the belt clip so it doesn’t make noise for the people outside. She slowly removed the belt from the trouser with both of us clenching our teeth, hoping no one hears us. We chuckled while she carefully placed the belt on the floor. By now I was peeling off the condom and fitting it onto my strong hood. I pressed her against the wall and slid my penis into her warm heavenly cookie. I gritted my teeth while pushing through her sealed vagina. She bit her finger to fight the pain and made sure she doesn’t make a sound. I pushed in again and finally went through her watery warm haven. She dug her nails on my back again. That time, it was painful. I understood I was hurting her also. I picked her one leg and she wrapped it around my waist. It gave me more access to enter some more. I moved my hips slowly until we were both comfortable to rock. She dropped her mouth to my neck and dug her teeth while I continued thrashing my manhood inside her.
There was no room to talk but we kept rocking. I was about to cum when I heard a voice saying, “We need this boardroom… it has a fitted projector, call the security to check the cameras of what could be happening in there? What if we have a colleague in there who has fainted?”
I stopped moving. I felt my armpit sweat up. I was still hard rock inside her, but I wouldn’t be for long.
Cameras? What cameras? What the hell! I didn’t think about no cameras.
I moved my eyes to Tshepo. She was giggling, letting out her perfect teeth. My manhood kept growing stronger as she was turning me on, but I was still worried. I wasn’t ready to have my face all over Facebook with my pants on my ankles, making love to a client’s daughter.
Bad reputation!
“Tshepo you didn’t tell me about the camera,” I said and she bit her lips. I was still worried. My manhood was as good as a yoyo that minute. One second it was threatening to weaken inside her and the next moment Tshepo turned me on, causing it to grow even harder.
“The cameras are not working,” she finally said and I got excited.
Phew! I couldn’t imagine the shame and embarrassment of watching myself on social media, having sex.
I dropped my mouth to her one boob and continued to rock her. I was a little closer to heaven so I pumped her harder and faster until I felt her body vibrated against mine. I let got seconds later.
“Guys, who is fooling around? There are people inside there…I heard noise,” another voice said. What was wrong with those people?
“Why are you standing here? Are we not supposed to be getting in for the next meeting?” I heard Mr Maake’s voice and I froze. That very second, I promised in my heart never to be sneaky ever again.
“We can’t open the door.”
“Where is Tshepo? She might have taken the keys after our meeting earlier…now let’s move to another boardroom, I have 15 minutes,” he said and we heard footsteps moving away from the door.
Never! No more boardrooms.
I pulled the condom off and dropped it to the wrapper on the floor. I pulled my pants from my ankles while catching my breath. That was thrilling but no more boardrooms for me.
Wow! Tshepo picked her shirt from the floor and put it on with her eyes on me. She had beautiful eyes.
“That was nice, wasn’t it?” I whispered while buttoning my shirt.
“We should do it again,” she whispered and I swallowed hard. The thought already got me excited. She took off her shoes and put on her underwear. I watched as she fixed her hair. She picked the condom and carefully wrapped it with a paper from the bin. Afterwards she stood with her hands on her waist and watched me fix myself.
“Why did you take off your shoes?” I asked and she careful sat on the floor.
“We are stuck here until five,” she said. “I am not going to walk out of here now.”
She was right. It would raise eyebrows. I took off my shoes and joined her on the floor. Good thing it was carpeted.
“Where do you want me to take you for our first date?” I asked and she pretended to be deep in thoughts.
“Burger King…oh my gosh Khathu I love their whooper burgers,” she said with her hand on her chest. “Their burgers make me gain weight so I promised to eat one when I go on a date.”
“Burger King? The same Burger King I know?” I asked and she nodded her head. She was shy and it made her look adorable.
“Burger King, yes.”
“Come here.” I helped her move to sit between my legs. I had her back on my chest and my hands on her waist. I thought we were going to do great together.
“What did you say on the SMS?” she quietly asked.
“I wanted to ask you to join me at Michelle’s school, tomorrow evening. They have a mini concert for the school sponsors so the parents are invited,” I said and she turned to me. “Look, I don’t want to confuse her so we can sit together but you won’t meet her as yet.”
“I understand,” she said while returning to her initial position.
“You will watch while I give her the gift, she will be so excited…oh, that girl loves gifts.”
“She is a real girl.” Tshepo chuckled with her back dancing against my chest.
We sat and talked in that boardroom for hours until it was five. We fixed ourselves and stood behind the door to get ready to do the walk of shame.
“I will open up and you will walk to the right and I will take the left,” Tshepo said and we both chuckled. It was nice to sneak around but no more boardrooms for me. Rather the cinema room or my car. No more MBC.
She unlocked the door and with a straight face she paraded to her designated direction while I pulled my laptop bag towards the reception. Thank God most people were gone. I waved at the security guard while rushing out of the building like I was not guilty of having sex.
The following day, the alarm woke me from a beautiful sleep. I woke up with a content heart. Tshepo was mine and I was glad she allowed me in her life. We spoke the previous night before she dozed off on me. Before jumping out of bed, I pulled the phone from under the pillow and checked my calendar. I only had a meeting with Lufuno Luv Events after lunch. I was not looking forward. She was becoming heavy for me.
I got up and prepared myself for the day. I picked my new maroon suit and paired it with a white shirt. I grabbed two apples from the basket and hurried to work.
Tshepo was all over mind the whole morning. I was craving for some more sneaky sex.
It was at my lunch hour when I saw Lufuno walking towards my office. She paraded past the open plan towards my office. I checked the time from my wrist watch, she was early for the meeting. She beamed at me when she noticed I saw her. I gestured for her to come in.
She placed a Nandos’ takeaway box on the table and settled herself on the chair at the end of the table.
“Did I mix the times?” I asked. “Your PA said 14:00.”
“I thought we should have lunch before the meeting,” she said while taking out the food from the paper bag. She was too friendly and acting weird. “I am here on a social call until 14:00.”
“On Saturday, you asked me about Muzi…I am interested to know what you know about him.”
“Oh well…I was just asking…nothing hectic,”
It was not my place to tell her that her idiot might be toying with her heart. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t walk into his supposed room.
Small world, indeed.
On Saturday, Zama and I sat outside her house chit chatting about love and relationships. We debated and argued about the friends with benefit topic and how impossible it was according to me. I told her it only happened in movies and there was no way anyone could survive it. I asked her to prove it to me. She told me she stayed with a friend who had sex with her when she needed to. He was looking for a place to crash and she needed a man to crush her cookie. I didn’t believe it until I went to his room. Zama had seduced me the whole time and she was hinting on getting some sex. Honestly speaking, I liked the idea. I needed it. She led me to her room, which was locked. Oscar and that other girl were using the room so she led me to another one. I wanted to smash it so hard but I didn’t have an edge to kiss her or foreplay her. She was lying on the bed and I was on top of her, trying to rub her breast but there was just no connection. She advised me to take a lubricant gel on the drawer on my left. I pulled the drawer open and inside were professional pictures of a man I knew. I remembered his face. He had the same straight face he gave me when he told me to stay away from his woman. The man on those pictures was Lufuno’s man.
“Who the hell is this?” I asked and she turned her head towards the drawer. She leaned over to notice the pictures.
“Muzi…” she said and rolled her eyes. “The nigga has been trying modelling…imagine?”
“What are his pics doing here?”
“I told you he lives here.”
“Is he the guy you were talking about?” I asked. “You were not joking about the sex buddy?”
“Forget about him…I need some D.”
I jumped out of bed and put my trouser on.
“What is wrong now?” she asked while pulling herself to sit.
Now, How was I supposed to tell Lufuno that her man was not what she thought he was? She assured me she was happy with him. I was tempted to tell her but I wanted out of people’s business. She was not going to believe me anyway, since he was too precious to her.
Lufuno called out my name until I shifted my eyes to her. I had been lost in my own thoughts.
“You were saying?” I asked.
“Are you fine?” she asked and I nodded.
“You said you were happy with him, your man, correct?” I asked and she shrugged.
“Why, are you jealous?” she asked and I chuckled. Exactly what I thought she would conclude.
“I just wanted to make sure you were with the person you want to be…people are…sometimes people are not as they pose to be,” I said.
“So what if I am not sure about the man I am with?” she asked.
“Then you can…leave him maybe?” this conversation was not easy with Lufuno. I was letting go of my love for her.
“Do you think Muzi is not right for me?”
“Yes, I don’t think he is right for you.” I said. “You know nothing about the guy and you can’t tell me you love him.”
“Where are you taking this Khathu?” she asked.
“Nowhere. I was just saying.”
My phone saved me by ringing on top of the table. After the phone call I changed the subject. It was just weird discussing relationships with Lufuno. We had our meeting until my knock off time. I rushed to pick Tshepo from her office and drove straight to Michelle’s school. She was in her foundation class. We were late so we sat at the back and watched my daughter dance and sang. I was a proud dad.
“She looks just like you,” Tshepo whispered to me.
“She will have beautiful siblings,” I said and she smiled. Tshepo really loved me. I scored a gold in her.
We laughed at Michelle reciting poems and singing for the crowd. She was a star like me.
After the concert I went to meet up with Julia and her husband. I was her enemy since I disgusted her every time I was around her. We waited for Michelle to come out from the backstage. She saw us and ran to my arms.
“Hey, you were so good,” I said while kissing her cheek. “I dint know you could sing like that.”
“I told you I can sing daddy,” she said happily. “I can also play piano.”
“She started with her piano lessons last week,” Julia’s husband said and I nodded. I placed Michelle down and gave her the present. She opened it excitedly and I glanced at Tshepo. She was still waiting for me seated at the back.
“Baby, daddy has to go. I will pick you up next weekend, alright?” I said and hugged her.
“Am I going to see your beautiful friend?” she asked and Julia stared at me angrily.
“What did I say about introducing my child to your girlfriends?” Julia opened her mouth for the first time.
“I have got to go,”’ I said and kissed Michelle. The best way to deal with Julia was to ignore her. I couldn’t argue with her around people, even worse when Tshepo was watching.
I walked to Tshepo and held her hand as we walked to the car together. I didn’t know what I was going to do to have Michelle rub Lufuno out of her head. It really bothered me.
“She loved her gift,” I said while driving us out of the school.
“I saw how she got all excited. She is adorable.”
I drove in silence as she directed me to Kyalami estate. I parked outside her father’s mansion.
“Do you think we are going to be fine?” she asked.
“What? Yes my love…me and you are going to be great together. I am ready to love you unconditionally.”
“Why are you sad? Did your ex say something to ruin your mood?” she innocently asked. I wished to tell her I was stressed about Michelle still holding on Lufuno whom she met for just a few hours. It was too soon to share.
“Don’t worry yourself…I am fine.”
“Do you want to show me that you are fine?” she asked while jumping the gear and sitting on top of me.
“I want to…but your father might be wondering about us parked here,” I said trying to stop her from kissing me.
“He is in his office. He works until late,” she said while reaching for my mouth.
Lord! I wanted to make love to her so badly but I was worried about Mr Maake. Tshepo was not worried. I saw passion and excitement in her eyes.
Damn! Tshepo was more spontaneous that I thought I was. She slightly lifted herself up and buried her hand inside my pants. Just that and I was taken away. I started grabbing her and pulling her dress up while passionately kissing her. I reached for her butt and squeezed it while still kissing her. She was grinding her body on top of me and I was hardening inside my pants. I wanted me inside her like I did the previous day. She kept rubbing my manhood and I was lost in her spell. I groaned with each movement she made with her hand.
I opened my eyes to see a shadow just outside my window. I cleared my throat to let Tshepo know but she was enjoying stroking me.
“What the hell are you doing?” I heard an angry voice shout with a bang on my window.
What the??