I hate deadlines because they have to be met. I am a project manager and I should see to it that the new flight engine is approved and we start working on implementing the idea. Engineering is what I enjoy and do best, except that it is stressful half of the times. It needs extreme confidence on one’s designs and people’s lives depends on your invasions.
“Sthe, we are not moving the presentation date…so please make sure you have the designs printed by Monday morning…no extension whatsoever,” I say from my seat. He likes to procrastinate and there is no room for such in my team.
“Sir…don’t you think…”
“Sthe, Monday morning I want the first drafts of the engine. I don’t need to explain myself, do I?” I ask and he shakes his head. I think this is one project that is stressing the hell out of me. I have the whole army of South Africa in my hands and it gets scary sometimes. Sthe is the hardest to deal with in my team. The rest of the members do not question my orders.
“Matthews…do you know how long it takes to draft an engine?”
“I am an engineer, I know. I can do it in less than a week, why is it that it is so difficult for you?”
“But we have to work in teams and it is already Wednesday, four o’clock…we cannot deliver by Monday,” Sthe says.
“It is a draft I need. Come put on some work on weekend too…as long as we have something to present on Monday afternoon,” I say and I am disturbed by my phone ringing on the table.
This woman doesn’t know the effect she has on me. I smile while grabbing my phone from the table.
“Excuse me,” I say to my team as I walk out of the boardroom. “Hey Tshepo…”
“Life is too short Matt…did you mean all the things you ever said to me?” she asks. No greetings, whatsoever.
“Did you mean it when you said you want to mend my heart? Did you mean it when you said you want to make me your wife one day? Did you mean it when you said you are ready to love me?” she asks breathlessly.
“I meant it.” I really do.
“I am ready for you to mend my heart Matt…I think I am ready,” she says and I smile before taking a deepest sigh!!
My prayers are finally answered.
“I love you Tshepo.”
“Okay, thank you…we will chat tonight. I gat to go,” she says and hangs up.
I am smitten!
I dismissed the meeting because it was already five and the team had to knock off. I stay behind and work on some reports for my new project. I only leave the office after eight, atleast done with a lot of paper work to explain the new designed engine and its functions.
The house is dark and empty, just the way I am so used to. I bought a burger on my way from work so I take a few bites while washing the dishes I left in the morning.
My phone beeps on the table so I wipe my hands and reach for it.
“You should start packing and moving out of my apartment. I have a boyfriend and I need my appartment to bring him over,” Tshepo’s whatsapp text reads.
“I need help packing away my things in such a short notice. When are you helping me before your boyfriend starts demanding your attention?”
“I will see if I can make it tomorrow after work.”
“I will cook dinner…maybe I might need to win your heart from your new man.”
“You don’t stand a chance.”
“Can I bet on it? I will definitely change your mind…all you need to do is to taste my brisket in red wine.”
“Bring it on,” she says and disappear.
I am in love with her.
She is fun.
She is sexy and so playful, and I love it.

Thursday was such a drag, maybe because I was looking forward to get home and dine with my woman. It is good to finally say: my woman. Sthe was shocked to see me grab my laptop by four o’clock. I was always the last to leave, so it was so unlike me to leave before they chase us out. I passed by the mall to get a few things for my cooking. I am home at five and I start preparing for the smooth potato mash and that red wine brisket I promised. I hear a knock just when I slid the tray into the oven.
“I brought more wine,” Tshepo says just when I open the door. She is wearing a short black leather dress that makes her look sexy, too sexy.
“That was so thoughtful of you,” I say while making a way for her to enter the house. She walks in and starts looking around. I have changed her house a bit to fit me. It feels like a man now.
She walks around, touching almost everything she comes across. She walks down the passage…she is home!
“You didn’t change much…but it is not me anymore,” she shouts from down the passage. I walk towards the voice and find her in the main bedroom. I kept her room as it was. I only change her duvets only once as I am using the guest room.
“I love what you did with the apartment, it is fresh and young,” I say to her.
“It is my job,” she says while walking around the bedroom. I take it she missed it that much.
I excuse myself to check on the meat. I cannot afford to mess the perfect meal that I am preparing. I am turning the meat when she offers to set the dining table.
She knows her way around her own house so she grabs two under plates, serving plates and cutlery; and perfectly set the table. she pours herself a glass of wine and sit on the kitchen counter and wait for me to finish with the food.
We haven’t discussed our new boyfriend-girlfriend label but the connection is there.
She is playing with her feet and I cannot fail to notice her creamy thighs. I am trying not to focus on them but they are inviting.
I turn the meat and shove the tray back into the oven.
Tshepo is too beautiful, it is messing with my head. I walk towards her and stand between her widely spread legs.
We need to talk.
“Thank you for making me your man,” I say and she digs her eyes on mine. I meant it, I mean all of all the things I tell her.
“As long as you promise to love me right,” she says and sips her wine. I want to pull her hair and kiss her, but I have to take things slowly. I don’t want her to change her mind.
“I promise,” I say and she lowers her head to kiss me. I lift my head and kiss her.
“How long do we have to wait for the meat? I am hungry.”
“Fifteen minutes left,” I say and caress her thighs.
“Do not start what you won’t finish,” she says and I laugh. Why does she like to sound like she is a freak? Her telling me not to start what I won’t finish: is a joke. I can always finish what I have started, if I want to. I have good intentions with her and I don’t want to scare her.
The alarm from the oven rings and we were saved by the bell. I hurry to get the tray out of the oven and Tshepo jumps off from the counter.
She walks to the dining table like she is hungry. I serve the both us.
“Can I play some music?” she asks while walking to the entertainment system.
“Sure,” I say as I continue to dish for the two of us. I perfectly place the steaks in our plates, including the smooth smash potato.
She connects her phone on the Bluetooth speaker and walks back to the dining table when the song starts playing.
Tshepo grabs her chair and I also take mine.
I glance at her and she smile as she takes her first bite!
The music is playing softly in the background and if there is something I don’t fail to do is to listen to the lyrics.
“Who is this?” I ask.
“H.E.R,” she responds and I start listening attentively to the lyrics playing softly.

Thoughts of you running through my head
As I lie awake in my bed
Know you want this, don’t be afraid, babe
And now we’re standing face to face
Baby, tell it to me now
Everything you dreamed about
Don’t make sense to run around it ooh, it’s now or never
Remember this night
Show me how you feel
Let me know it’s real tonight, oh
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s no place I’d rather be

The song is still continuing but I have a question for her.
“Do you mean it?” I ask and she smiles and I take my attention back to the lyrics. If I should mention, the voice is…sexy…and very sexy.

Feel the energy in this room
So high, you take me to the moon, oh yeah
Oh, what we got is something else
So fire, I can’t help myself
Wanna see some fireworks
Let our love explode
So I’ll rerun every episode
I’m in overload
We’ll remember this night
Show me how you feel
Let me know it’s real tonight, oh
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s no place I’d rather be
No place I’d rather be
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here with you, you, you
There’s no place I’d rather be

I smile at the end of the song before it starts repeating itself.
There is nowhere she rather be than here with me, isn’t that a just beautiful? I am not paying attention anymore because I have listened to all of the lyrics. My focus is now on the most beautiful woman seated infront of me. Her smile turns me on and her laugh worsens the feeling.
“I want to make you happy Tshepo,” I find myself saying. I mean all of it. I think I prayed enough for this woman and I am sure about what I am talking about.
“I am a sex freak,” she says and frown.
I mean! What am I supposed to say?
“Excuse me?” I ask.
“I am a sex freak and I find it fit for you to know…I…I want to be your pastor wife but … can I still be a freak if I want?” she asks and I grin at her.
What more can I ask for? I appreciate the honesty and I am a damn freak myself.
“I am a freak myself,” I say and she laughs as if she doesn’t believe me.
Oh, I forgot! I am a pastor’s kid before everything else.
We still have H.E.R playing in the background and all we are doing is to blush infront of each other until we finish our supper.
She takes the plates when we are done eating and headed to the kitchen. I follow behind with the serving dishes. I place them on the table and walk towards Tshepo. She is washing the dishes and I walk behind her and grab her waist. She gasps and I slowly turn her to face me.
“I am in love with you Tshepo,” I say and she doesn’t blink. Before she could answer me, I pull her closer to me and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back but in a few minutes, we are both roughly indulging on each other. I run my hand under her dress and she lifts her one leg to my waist! She is a sex freak alright!
She gasps for air when I plant kisses on her neck. I untie her pony tail and have her hair fall down her shoulders. I pull her and carry her to the counter. Her eyes are almost sleepy and I want her, all of her.
“I want to love you,” she says breathlessly.
“Don’t be afraid…I am yours,” I say and continue to kiss her. My hands are running on her thighs. She is warm and soft and I looovveee it just like that. She spreads her legs and I get in between them.
I want her.
I want all of her.
I rush my hands to her back until I reach her bra. The song is still on repeat and calling for me to continue on my mission! There is no place she rather be than here….so…let me not give her room to regret.
I pull from the kiss and stare at her.
“I want to make you my wife, will you let me?” I ask.
“Can you handle me?”
“I can handle you alright,” I say and pull her head to passionately kiss her. I unzip her dress and her red bra is exposed.
My phone rings, only disturbing us!!!!!
“Switch it off,” she whispers as I pull it from my pocket. I glance at the screen and it is a reminder for a family prayer.
“Babe…wait,” I say as she tries to kiss me some more.
“What?” she asks.
“Family prayer at eight,” I say and she frowns.
“Uhm…we have a family prayer at eight, daily. I hardly pray but at eight, I join my family in prayer…so…”
“So what?”
“Please join me,” I say and she frowns.
“Uhm…I don’t think I follow,” she says.
“Its eight and we have to pray…please join me,” I say, while helping her down from the counter. I know she is confused, but this is the hour in which the family has decided that everyone is praying in one accord!
I zip her dress, and lead the way to the living room. I know I shouldn’t have done what I was doing with her but she is just too desirable.
I kneel infront of the table and she hesitantly kneels beside me.
“Tonight’s prayer: Thank God for what he has done in your life this week,” I read out a message from my father. She looks confused but she will get used to these eight o’clock prayer meetings.
“Thank you Lord for finally bringing her into my life…” I start my prayer while squeezing her hand…….