Why is Khathu ignoring his friend shouting for the fire lighters?
What kind of men are these, anyway? They don’t even know how to make a perfect fire. Haaayyy man, they should be ashamed of themselves.
“Dude, are bringing the fire lighter or what?” Khathu’s friend shouts at him but he ignores him. He gets in the car and drives out of the yard.
“I will get the fire lighter for you,” I say standing from my chair. It is those white things that starts the fire? Then I know where I put them the last time I was cleaning the house.
“What is wrong with Khathu guys?” the same man asks. I am asking myself the same question. Why would he drive away like a maniac?
“No…no…you are lying Lufuno. Khathu, wouldn’t say what he said if you were innocent,” I hear someone say in the kitchen. It is that girl that looks a little like Lufuno. She came here driving a beautiful car.
“Please Lucy…”
“Please what? Please what?”
“Can we talk about this…some other time?” Lufuno begs with tears falling down her cheeks. She turns to me and I could see her beg me with her eyes.
Not this time. I am not going to be part of this.
“Uhm…I came to get the fire starters,” I say while rushing to the pantry.
“You know what? We are not going anywhere until you tell me the truth,” Lucy says and I hear her put the dish on the marble table. I then hear the door close and the key turning.
Haibo! Why is she locking the door when I am still inside?
Evhooo…I am not going to be part of this!
“Eeehh sesi, I need to get out,” I say and she throws the keys into her jacket.
Heee, she must be crazy.
“You are not going anywhere. No one is rescuing this one today,” she says while pointing at Lufuno. Kanti, are they not sisters? Why are they fighting like enemies now?
“See, people are waiting for the fire lighters,” I say.
“Do you think I care about the stupid fire lighters? Do you think I care?” she asks so calmly it creeps me up.
Lufuno is now bawling, not even caring about my presence. With an ugly cry, she still looks so angelic, hey?
“I am not scared of your tears, you can never fool me again Lufuno,” Lucy says and Lufuno cleans her face with the sleeves of a cardigan.
I quietly stand in a corner of the room, with my hands on my chest. There is loud music playing outside, it would be a waste time to attempt to scream.
“What secret do you and Oscar have?”
“The other…the other day…I was drunk. I swear I wasn’t thinking straight…”
“What happened the other day when you were drunk?” Lucy asks while clapping her hands with each word.
Now I get it…she is Oscar’s EX. He told me a bit about her but he never mentioned how angry she can be.
“What happened the other day when you were drunk?” she screams and Lufuno startles with her eyes closed. Now I want to know also. What happened the day she was drunk?
These wines of hers! Yah! She drinks it like water. It got her in trouble.
“I swear we were drunk…I never meant to hurt you Lucy…I swear,” Lufuno says.
Tjo! Clap once! I think it is obvious what this is all about. So, Lufuno had a thing with Oscar who was her sister’s boyfriend? And the same man is best friends with her fiancé now? Haaaa sies!!!!
“What are you saying?”
“We made out…it was once…” Lufuno says and closes her eyes. Haaa shem! She is embarrassed by what she did but unfortunately it is unforgivable. Now it makes sense why Khathu stormed out.
“You are pathetic,” Lucy yells. “You are so so pathetic Lufuno.”
“Please calm down Lucy…”
Big mistake Lufuno! You do not tell an angry woman to calm down. Don’t you know that?
“Do you hear yourself right now? Are you crazy?” Lucy yells.
Tjo! This woman is angry.
“I am sorry.”
“Do you know how bad you made me look? People thought I made up all the things I told them about you and Oscar. You betrayed me Lufuno. You stabbed me on the back and carried on as if I was the one who was wrong….I hate you…I hate you so much.”
“Shut up!” Lucy says and walks around the kitchen, not caring about the broken glasses on the floor.
Where are all these people when you need them the most? Why is the fire guy not following me to get the fire lighters?
“You are pathetic Lufuno,” Lucy says and I felt it for Lufuno. Lucy is disgusted, shame.
“I am sorry…”
“Sorry is not going to change anything…nothing is going to change from your meaningless sorry. For how long were you going to keep this from me? Making me look like a fool wherever I go? Making Khathu look like a fool too, huh? You should be ashamed of yourself. First you took Rendani from Masala…then you slept with my husband…then you took Khathu from Tshepo…sies man.”
“You know what? You deserve all things that are coming to you. I am glad you lost your baby…you know why? You are a whore Lufuno…you are a whore and maybe she was going to turn out to be like you,” Lucy says and Lufuno breaks into a cry.
Eish! Mara this is getting out of hand. I heard Lufuno lost her baby some years ago and she is still dealing with the situation. I feel bad for her now, serious.
“I am not scared of your tears…I am not moved by them so stop wasting your time.”
“You can swear to me as much as you want Lucy but keep my child out of this…keep her out of this…”
“Isn’t she lucky to be dead? What was she going to learn from a pathetic person like you?”
Hai…no sister, that is wrong for you to say.
“Take that back Lucy…take that back.”
“Take what back? The facts about you being a whore of a woman. You don’t deserve a daughter.”
“How can you say all that when you know how I feel about Mukhethwa?”
My heart is broken into pieces.
“Do you think I care? Do you think I care?”
“Take your words about my child back….take that back…” Lufuno says while charging towards Lucy. I want to come in between but I am very scared right now. Also, I don’t want to be part of any of this. If only this Lucy girl can give me back the keys.
“Don’t touch me…” Lucy shoves Lufuno’s hands away from her. She pushes Lufuno back and the poor girl lost control and fell on her back.
I think I heard a bone crack!
What was Lufuno doing? Wearing heels at a braai.
“Fake it bitch….fake all of that,” Lucy says and folds her arms.
Haibo! Lufuno is not standing from the floor.
“Haaa Lucy…I don’t think she is fine.”
“Do you think I care?” she asks with her hands on her waist. I can see her heart throbbing out of her chest. She is fuming.
But I am serious. I don’t think Lufuno is fine. I hurry to where she is lying motionlessly and her sister doesn’t even lift a finger.
“I am serious Lucy…she is hurt…”
Yoh! Lufuno can’t die now. She owns me a make-over and that hair she is wearing. Okay I am joking, I don’t want to be a witness of a murder case.
“Leave her…she will be fine.”
“Are you crazy Lucy? Are you crazy?” I yell when I didn’t even want to yell. Only now she takes me serious because she hurries to check the pulse on her hands.
“Oh…my God…we need an ambulance,” she says while searching for her phone in her handbag.
Is she that slow? We have so many men drinking outside…as useless as they are with the braai fire, they can help on this one.
“Unlock that door and call someone to help,” I say while getting a cloth from the drawer. I know it might not be useful, but this woman cannot die on me. I get it in cold water and put it on her forehead. Shaking her is not helping her in anyway.
You know I should have just stayed in Venda and continue with my boring life? You love things Mandiwana…you love things. I knew it from the first day I got here that there is just drama. Drama follows Khathu but I stayed. What is this? How am I going to explain this to the police?
Lucy comes back running with two men behind her. These women should stop wearing stilettos to a braai…who does that? Now she looks like she will fall. Imagine having to deal with two deaths?
“Call Khathu…I will take her to the hospital,” that useless man who can’t make a fire says while carrying Lufuno from the floor.
So Khathu doesn’t have a doctor friend? This is wrong. What if she dies on the way?
They rush her out while I try to dial Khathu’s number. He doesn’t respond and I am tempted to call Oscar.
Eish, that will be a bad idea.
Lucy follows the guys and I follow outside just to see, you know? My prayer is that she lives. Shame, the poor girl cannot be crucified from her sins. I know she betrayed her sister…she doesn’t deserve all the hurtful things Lucy said about her baby.

The braai didn’t take place. The guy who was supposed to make the fire didn’t come back. The mood was changed by the whole incident. I asked them to leave. Imagine drinking to the fact that Lufuno might die? That was just wrong. People served themselves salads and left with Khathu still missing. He only walks into the house when it is dark. He has a bottle of Heineken in hand.
“Ohh, you are here?” he asks and throws himself on the couch.
“We were trying to call you.”
“What secrets do you have Mandiwana? Huh?”
“I don’t have secrets…me? No…I don’t have any.” Do I?
“That’s bullshhiii… you know there is a secret you are keeping…but whatever it is…it can never be as fucked up as Lufuno’s.”
“But you are too quick to judge, don’t you think?” I ask. I try not to judge people because I don’t want to be judged.
“Do you know how much of a fool I feel right now? Oscar and Lufuno have been making a fool of me all this time. Why didn’t she tell me? I defended her all these time and she was wrong…she was very wrong…honestly.”
“She is in hospital,” I say and he chuckles.
“She will be fine.”
“I am serious Khathu…she fell while fighting with Lucy…she was not breathing.”
“What?” he widened his eyes.
“She is in hospital.”
“You are trying to make me soften my heart…it won’t work,” he says and laughs.
“Are you crazy Khathu? Are you crazy? Do you know what you people are putting me through? Do you know I am going to be a witness if she dies? And you are busy laughing as if I am a fool?” I yell at him.
Noooo man! These people are working me out. I am witness in all of these and I don’t want to go to jail.
“Lufuno fell and hit the floor with her head…she was not breathing when she left here. We were trying to call you a hundred times but you were wandering around the world. What did you think? Leaving a woman angry with your fiancé? Did you even mean it when you said you love her? You left your woman with her angry sister and you expect everything to be fine? Look now…I am the one who get to witness that fight and now I am going to spend the rest of my life explaining to people what happened and it is all your fault Khathu.”
He gets a phone from his pocket and widened his eyes as he went through it. He throws it on the couch and cover his face with his hands.
Now I am starting to panic. He can’t start crying on me now. I don’t even know what to do with a full grown man, crying.
“What did they say?” I ask and he doesn’t take his hands off his face.
Now I feel bad for saying it is his fault.
“Khathu, what are they saying?” my voice is breaking now. I am scared. Why is he covering his face? Does he feel guilty? Did he get a bad text? Whatttt????
“Khathu, can you say something?” I yell. My heart is beating from my throat.
He stands, pick the phone from the couch and hurries out like don’t exist.
Just perfect Khathutshelo Nengwenda. Its fine! I don’t matter. I will just sit here and sweat all you want because you don’t care to tell me what is wrong.
Who am I fooling? I rush behind him, lock the door and run to the car.
I am not going to sit alone the whole night, wondering if I should start washing the curtains for the funeral or not.
I get in the car and he drives off without saying a word.