Haaaa, does Mrs Nengwenda know how long it takes me to get to Khathu’s house from Mamelodi?
Haaii no!
I have to catch three taxis to this place and it takes a bit of a walking distance from where the taxi drops me. Even worse, the skirt I am wearing is not doing justice to me.
Why is Khathu not answering people’s phone? I shouldn’t have said that I have Khathu’s spare key to his house. He is never home so i use it when for the two weekends that I help with the laundry and cleaning every month. I miss Michelle though. I haven’t seen her since the day her mother wanted me to change her out of the leggings that Lufuno dressed her. I am not going to allow anyone to put me in the middle of their mess, not even a pair of leggings. You would swear those leggings were meant to eat up Michelle’s flash or something worse…haisukha! It was not even that cold to overeact the way she did but they say she is just like that always.
So since the leggings day, I haven’t seen Michelle and I miss my baby girl dearly. She doesn’t visit Khathu much or maybe she comes by on weekends that I am not here.
I am staying with my mother’s friend who works in Marabastad. I help her sell the blankets in this huge Chinese shop there. Atleast she allowed me to stay with her while I help her. Khathu’s salary does help a lot with my hustle. I have applied in Unisa and I will correspond from either here or Venda. They credited me most of my courses so I should be done with degree in no time.
“Khathu, I am getting off from Forest Hill, I will be going to your house to get your mother’s bag that I need to give Vhugala. I still have the key though so if you are not home, I will use the spare key,” I text Khathu before jumping out from taxi to the next one.
He doesn’t respond. He hasn’t responded any of my texts since two hours ago and Vhugala will be leaving for Venda in few hours.
The local taxi drops me by the gate and I hurry to Khathu’s house. There is no car in the drive way so I guess he is still at work.
I knock a few times before unlocking the door with my set of keys. My phone beeps a text message so I focus on fishing it from my bag while opening the door.
“Evhooo weee,” I say and cover my mouth; and she turns to me fast.
“What the hell?” she yells while covering her boobs with her hands.
Haaaa! Clap one!
Oh, she is engaged? She has a ring shining on her finger and I cant help but to stare at it, so I am literally staring at her one boob.
Wow, the thing is nice…I mean the ring is nice.
Lufuno is standing infront of me in her skimpy underwear and no bra. I can never see myself in this kind of panties? What is wrong with bum shorts, hai?
Mara ha shoni vhoo? Isnt she ashamed to be wearing such???
I swear that thing she is wearing is not even comfortable. It is this white long thong that goes up up up her waist, just beneath the breasts. It is literally covering only her private part and even so, there is a whole on it. I had to see all her buttocks out in the air. Her boobs are now covered by the long weave. Now my razor cut feels out of place.
Is she not going to run to her room to put some clothes on? Or should I be the one to leave?
“What are you doing here?” she asks. Ohhh she wants to make a conversation, looking like that?
But I understand, she has a killer body hee. You would swear she tans her body everyday. She looks everything like those women on magazines.
“Uhmm…are you going to get dressed?” I ask. I mean how am I supposed to not look at the hole on her underwear. She clears her throat and I realise I am the one who is supposed to look sideways for her to tip toe to the bedroom. I turn around and she rushes to the bedroom. I see she was working coz the table is filled with decorating pictures and a laptop is open.
Ohhh… she is planning her own wedding. The vision board on the table has ‘My Wedding’ written on it and the pictures on it are very…nice nice.
I move to the couch so that she doesn’t find me snooping in her things. She comes back in a white gown. I have washed this gown before. I can tell by a flower emblem on the back.
“Sorry you had to see that…”
“Ehh see what? I didn’t see anything my sister…I didn’t see anything.”
“Oh…Vho Nengwenda asked me to come pick a parcel to drop to someone who is leaving for Venda today.”
“What parcel?”
“She says an overnight bag with jackets inside. She left them when she was here for a visit,” she says.
“I have never seen an overnight bag before,” she says.
Oh she stays here now.
“She says she left it by the blankets.”
“Why didn’t she ask Khathu to drop it to this person? Did you have to catch a taxi to get it?”
“Eish, she asked me to come through and get it as it was urgent. I will just call her while I am in the bedroom,” I say.
I better find that bag.
“Fine, you can go ahead.”
“Would you like a cup of tea? I want to make some for myself.”
“I will have a Tropika,” I say while walking to the guestroom. I know they have Tropika coz there was always enough for Michelle.
Oh, there are flowers in this guest room. They are fresh and the whole room smell so nice.
I open the closet to search for the bag. I unpack the blankets and there is no sign of a bag. I swear I am going to be so pissed at Mrs Nengwenda if I don’t find this bag? Now I am going to look like a liar. Plus, I had to walk for so long to get taxi’s to town and to Forest Hill and to here.
“Mrs Nengwenda, I cannot see your bag here…I have been searching everywhere in this house,” I say once she answered her phone.
“Oh, you are in Khathu’s house?” She sounds happy.
“I am…you told me Vhugala is leaving at five. Where is this bag?”
“You can’t find it?”
“Was it ever here? Was it ever here Mrs Nengwenda?”
“Look…I wanted to get you to Khathu’s house… I am worried about my son Mandiwana. He needs someone to talk to and you are there…please just talk to him and keep him company.”
What? Is she serious?
“So there is no bag you want me to pick for you?”
“I wanted you to help me with Khathu. He needs you.”
I can’t believe this. I hang up and sit on the bed. If I don’t walk out of this room with a bag, Lufuno will think I was here for her man. This dress I am wearing will even confirm the news. See, I bought this pencil dress from our shop in Marabastad and I only wore it today. When I left the house, it was below my knees but now as I walk it goes up my thighs. She will think I was here to seduce her man. I hate Mrs Nengwenda right now. I hate her, really.
She calls my phone for the third time.
“Mulandu? I had to skip work for nothing Mrs Nengwenda…I am not happy about this.”
“I will talk to Khathu to give you money,” she says. I don’t want Khathu’s money. I want my dignity.
“Khathu is alone…”
Alone? Does she know he has a model woman who waits for him naked as he comes back from work? She can’t tell me nothing about loneliness. This man is well taken care of…haisukha.
“Mara why mara Vho Nengwenda…why did you bring me here? Do you know that I found his girlfriend here and now I look like I am running after your son. Why didn’t you tell me they are engaged?”
“I do not consider their engagement. My son is just confused so Khathu is not enganged according to me.”
Hei! Vho Nengwenda is tiring…really. I am done with this old woman.
“But you know Khathu chose what he wanted…plus I can never be with him when he has a fiancée. I once thought it was possible but you heard him a thousand times that he loves Lufuno…what do you want to happen? Last time you wanted Tshepo…now again this? No please leave me out of this.”
“No, I am never coming here ever again…please stop making me look like a fool.”
“Fine! Fine then Mandiwana.”
“Thank you,” I hang up and put my phone in my bag. I stand from the bed and look myself in the mirror. The more I pull this dress down the more it goes up with each step I take. I swear it was below my knees when I bought it and when I wore it this morning.
I fix my razor cut wig. Why did I even bother buying this wig? I keep fixing it every ten minutes because I think it might fly off with the wind.
Hai! I am pissed at Mrs Nengwenda right now.
I walk back to the living room and find Lufuno sipping tea. Her hair looks very very nice shame. It shines and the length is just too long.
“Did you find the bag?” she asks.
“No…I couldn’t.”
She looks at me but I can see her eyes swaying to my thighs. She lets a smile and I know what she is thinking.
“Mandiwana can we talk?” she asks and I want to say ‘NO’ but she will think I am running away if I don’t stay and chat with her. I know we are going to talk about Khathu and my reasons being here.
I take a seat and quickly put a cushion on top of my thighs. She walks to the couch next to me and jump on it. She pulls her legs up and curl them on the couch. My mother would shout at you for that but I am used to it here. Michelle also does it on white couches.
“So you grew up with Khathu?” she asks and I nod, “How was he when he was young? Like was he naughty and stuff?”
“Eish…I don’t remember…we were not too close.”
“But what kind of a guy was he?”
“He was just a nice guy.” What does she want to know? That Khathu and I got married when we were young and Mrs Nengwenda has an album full of those pictures? Does she want me to tell her that most girls in our street had a crush on him and he was my first kiss? Evho!
“Okay…I know you guys come a long way from home…so I was thinking that you can be one of my bridesmaids.”
“Please…I don’t have many friends you see? And you know Khathu from childhood and Michelle is also fond of you.”
“Please, Khathu will have three of his friends and I will have three of my friends but I don’t really have any…please? You can think about it.”
“You know what Lufuno? Mrs Nengwenda brought me here to be with Khathu because she doesn’t want you. Infact she HATE every bit of you. She won’t be pleased to have me dance for you on your wedding day, making it look very beautiful…No, so because of that and the other reasons including the fact that I want to stay away from Khathutshelo Nengwenda and all the drama that follows him, I will not be able to be your bridesmaid…Never,” I wanted to say all of that to her but her smile intimidated me, so I didn’t say any of it. Instead, I nod my head at her.
“Thank you…atleast, I will pray for your help,” she says.
Khathu knocks on the door and walks in. I haven’t seen him since the day he dropped me at Mamelodi. On weekends when I come here, he is hardly home.
“Hey Mandi…you are here,” Khathu says while putting the brown paper bags on the table. He walks to Lufuno and kiss her on the lips.
“Why are you in a gown?”
“I will show you later,” she says and they giggle.
Heeee, you should see what she is wearing underneath. Or maybe he likes a long thong like that?
“Babe, I was just asking Mandi if she could be my bridesmaid.”
“Oh, that’s nice…yeah, why not?”
“Yeah and you don’t have to pay anything…I’ll take care of our bachelorette’s trip…our make-over and dresses.”
Hey, these people are putting me in an awkward position. I want to stay faaaarrrr away from them as possible but who wouldn’t want a make-over and a trip? Maybe by doing this Mrs Nengwenda will leave me alone and she’ll see I don’t want her son and I wish him well in his relationship.
Lufuno’s phone rings from the dining table and she jumps to pick it up.
“Oscar will be there…he will be my groomsman.”
Ahhh, wait, these people are seriously doing a wedding? What about Tshepo and the baby? So they are just moving on just like that? And why is he telling me about Oscar as if that would change my mind? Arrgg
Okay, maybe I would like to see Oscar again. We spoke a few times but I started ignoring him when my boyfriend was complaining that he things I am cheating. I am not cheating, I am just making new friends…plus we should break up already.
“When is the wedding?”
“We don’t know yet…but it will take a few months to get everything ready and the families together. Lufuno wants a dream wedding so it will take her forever to arrange.”
“Okay…I think I’ll do this,” I say. From today until that forever, I will be practicing to walk on heels. I saw this other long pair I liked at the shop…I’ll just buy it and get ready.
I stand from the couch and quickly pull my dress down with Khathu not watching. He might think I am here showing off my things.
“Are you not staying for dinner?” he asks. “Lufuno and I will drop you off later.”
“Oh, no…she has something to show you…I don’t want to disturb.”
“What’s that she wants to show me?” he asks and I shrug.
Where do I even begin to say his girlfriend is wearing a tall thong with a hole infront? He will see it for himself and we will see if he will giggle like earlier.
“Oh, you are leaving already?” Lufuno asks while putting the phone in the pocket.
“Yes, I need to get somewhere before dark,” I say while walking towards the door.
“I’m glad you came by…and thank you for agreeing to be part of my wedding,” she says with a sweet smile. She sounds really happy about me helping, so I think I should not write them off! Mrs Nengwenda will see from this that I am not for Khathu even if she kills for it. Khathu loves his model girl.
Phew! Atleast she didn’t think I was here to seduce her man like she is doing, dressed in a thong with a hole infront?
I close the door behind me and I hear a giggle behind the door.
Clap once!
Haaa things people do!