Oh Fk!
I am kneeling in this cold floor, waiting for her to snap back to reality and give me her respond. Why is she taking time to jump out of her chair and scream YES????
What if she says no? should I be angry at her for honestly refusing to marry me?
What was I thinking? Maybe it is too soon for her to agree to be with my arse. There is a lot happening in my life right now and she might not want to be part of it.
But why not now? I know I love her and I want to spend my life with her. I am a man and I had to hunt her. She is the only woman I ever prayed for and I am sure about her. Who wouldn’t want a strong woman like her? A woman who has been through it all but still holds her head high even when the world forces her to bend? She knows exactly what she wants and she does not bush around the bush about it. My daughter adores her and they already have a beautiful relationship together. I love her and I wish she could just say YES and make me the happiest man.
“Yesss…yess..yes!!!” she says while dancing with her feet. I see tears in her eyes as I happily slide the ring into her finger. She glares at it and gives me a warmest smile before pulling me for a hug and a longest kiss.
“Thank you,” I sigh. She almost gave me a heart attack.
“I didn’t know you were capable of loving me this much,” she says to my ear, “Thank you babe.”
“I am going to make you the happiest woman,” I say and she smiles at me.
“Thank you.”
This means a lot to me. I have got to man up and prioritise her happiness. She is all I ever wanted in my life, honestly.
We have breakfast before going back to sleep. I had to propose during sunrise, just to symbolize that this is the beginning of great things for us, I will make sure of that.
We both fall asleep until mid-noon. I wake up before her. she is softly snoring and I am here watching her sleep.
Lufuno is beautifl. Infact, my fiancé is beautiful…inside and out. She is the calmest woman I know and that makes me love her even worse.
I am glad I left my phone and everything but I am dying to know how Mulalo is doing. I should just trust that all is well, they would have called if there was anything. Anyway, I need to trust Tshepo to be the mother to my son. I cannot control everything but I just need to be present in my baby’s life just like I am for Michelle. I need to take Lufuno with me to the next visit since she has confirmed that she wants to be with me til the end of time. I want her to be part of every aspect of my life.
She only wakes up in the afternoon and I was already waiting for her to join me for a walk down to the beach. we didn’t plan anything for the day but I am tired of sleeping the whole day.
I wait for her to take a shower. I have learned to be patient with her. All that beauty needs all the time in the world to get ready. I know she needs to salt her bath and oil her body, everyday…but I can never complain, can I? Her skin would never be as smooth as it is if not nurtured and she wouldn’t have her romantic scent if she didn’t bath in perfumes.
She walks to where I am sitting in a white shortest summer dress. She is showing off her creamy thighs and I am turned on as it is. She has nude sandals I bought her last week and hair is not tied like most days.
“You are so beautiful,” I say and she smiles at me while hanging her sling bag over her shoulder. It is obvious that she looks beautiful but I prefer reminding her everyday.
I lead the way to the reception area so we could walk by the beach. we will be leaving for South Africa soon and I want us to have a chat before we do so. We get the picnic basket from the reception and proceeded to the beach for our light lunch.
The wind is lightly blowing and her hair is all over her face. I watch as she move the hair and tuck it behind her ears, showing off her beautiful round face. The ring on her finger bling just perfectly and I am proud that it is from me. I got her an infinity ring and with that I wish for us to live together until the end of time.
“What are your fears?” I ask while pouring a champagne into a flute. She drinks champagne like water but I understand.
“Huh?” she asks while getting a glass from me.
“What are your fear about my relationship with you?” I want us to talk about everything. These place allows and I want to turn a new leaf when I go back to South Africa. This vacation has been everything from a retreat to a healing session. I don’t want to be dealing with any doubts when we are back home.
“Honestly…I am worried about your Mom and your baby Mamas,” she says, “Your mother looks like someone who doesn’t like me…and the encouture with Julia…also how I ruined your relationship with Tshepo. I am scared of those three people.”
“You didn’t ruin my relationship with Tshepo. We both agreed to separate and I came to you because I loved you. Okay, she could see that my love was enough for you and she walked out…and I am glad she did,” I say.
Tshepo is a wonderful woman and I am glad I got to be part of her life. She is the sweestest thing that the world could offer but the heart wants what it wants. I commend her for walking out, as broken as she was, I commend her. she gave both of us opportunities to be happy. I knew the first time I laid my eyes on Lufuno that I want to wife her. She walked into a room and commanded that respect you know? She boldly did her job and I was in a corner admiring her that day. God knows my heart was stolen from that second. A year later, we are here and this still feels like a dream but it is not.
“Khathu, the last relationship I had was with the father of my baby…was good but not the best. He loved me most days but all that crushed down when I lost the baby. He walked away from me and blamed me for her death. I once wanted to close that void you know? And Muzi came along. I swear…Khathu I swear I thought he was all I needed, only to find out he used me. Everything was a lie. I thought all was fate but he was using me…and from that, I never thought any man can love me genuinely for me. Only you are capable of making me feel this way…I am scared about what the future brings me but I am ready for anything.”
“Thank you,” I say.
“No, thank you. I am happy with you,” she says while glaring at her ring.

The rest of the vacation was just magical. We returned home today on a Monday late and I do not even want to open my laptop. I don’t want to see all the emails awaiting my attention. I wish I could take the whole week off just to relax and get some rest from the travelling. I drop Lufuno to her apartment and drive home to get myself ready for tomorrow. I wish I don’t have any meeting so I could knock off early.
I get home and switch my phone on, only to be welcomed by a thousand texts. The phone kept beeping texts after texts, most are “Please Call Me” messages from my mother. I hesitate to call her because I know I have a lot to explain. Instead, I switch the phones off after trying to call Tshepo without success and then jump to bed instantly.
I got to work late the next day. The secretary throws the files on my table the second I got to my office. It looks like I have more than six accounts to tackle or delegate. I think the best company to work with from all these file is NBE. Their file looks presentable and inviting; and the rest are too basic and boring.
“Hey, hey…where have you been man?” James says from the door. He opened it without knocking.
This guy is just disrespectful, really.
“Annual leave,” I say.
“Your mother has been calling you all week…one would swear that you were kidnapped or something.”
“Are you serious?”
“Dude, she called all week but on Friday we got that venda guy to speak to her to explain that you took leave but we didn’t know where you were.”
“Sure, thanks…I will call her.”
He walks in and grabs a chair infront of me. He sits there and fold his arms. He looks like someone who need to tell me something but is failing to. I know he wants to snoop into my business so I ask him to leave so I could work.
“Are you still dating that events mogul?” he asks and I raise my brows.
He sounds like a woman right now.
“How is that your business?”
“Well…the guys wanted to contribute something for your new baby but we were not sure if it is your baby you know because you are dating that other girl and…”
“Get the fck out of my office,” I say.
He sounds like a sissy.
Why do people want to stick their nose into my business.
“So, should we contribute for a gift….orr?” he asks and leaves when I don’t respond.
I pick the phone and call back my mother who has been calling the office the whole week, apparently.
“Hallooo,” she responds.
“Ma, vho vuwa hani?” I greet her before she starts yelling on the phone about my where abouts. Okay, I didn’t tell her about the vacation because I do not report to her and I didn’t think it was necessary. Come on, I am a father of two.
“So, when is the birth of your child?” she asks after what seems like forever of yelling. Now I have to tell her that her grandson is a week old.
“He was born last Monday…sorry I…”
“What? You have a son and never bothered to call me?” she asks. How do I tell her that it slipped my mind?
“He was born last week and I didn’t have my phone with me the whole week.”
“Where were you all this time?”
“I went to Maldives…it is overseas.”
“What was so important than your son huh? What about the ceremonies we have to perform for me.”
What ceremonies? We never did any ceremonies for Michelle…maybe because Julia yelled at everyone who tried placing a razor on her daughter’s head. We are not doing any ceremonies for Mulalo too.
“Well…Mma, I need to ask for your assistance. I need you to go marry for me.”
“What? You want us to go marry Tshepo and the baby? I am very proud of you…very very proud,” she says happily and starts ululating on the phone.
“No, but I want you to pay tshelede ya mamalo ha Lufuno,” I say, “I engaged her and we want to do a wedding in a few months’ time.”
“Haaa, na da na ntshonisa inwi Khathu…you have embarrassed me,” she says. She is pissed, her voice says it all.
“You know too well that you were supposed to marry Tshepo na nwana. Athi you decided to make her pregnant?”
But how? Tshepo and I are not in love, how am I supposed to marry her now? She understands and wants nothing to do with me anyways.
“We spoke about this…I want to marry Lufuno and the uncles need to go to her family, that’s all.”
“No…why do you want to embarrass us? Now we have to deal na Vhasotho vha ha Tshepo na family ya ha Lufuno, at the same time? You must be kidding me. That is not happening.”
“Okay fine…you can deal with Tshepo’s family first so that we can have access to my son and after a few weeks, you can attend to Lufuno’s family.
“What do you see in that girl, huh?”
Hee vhanna!
“She is the woman I want to marry…that’s all.”
“Why? I saw her once and I could tell that she is not right for you. She doesn’t look like someone who can take care of a family.”
“Please Ma, we don’t have to argue about this…please tell me if you will help me or not.”
“You don’t need my help Khathutshelo Nengwenda…you don’t need my help. First your child is born but you disappeared into thin air…now you are back and want us to run around getting other women to marry you?”
“I was wrong not to tell you about the baby…I tried your phone on Sunday evening when I left the hospital and it didn’t go through…after that I flew out of the country. I am sorry…I apologise but now I need your help.”
“Count me out on your foolishness. How do you marry another woman while the other woman is a new mother? Such an embarrassment?”
“No!,” she says, “Please give me cellphone number dza ha Tshepo. We need to do the rightful thing.”
“Lufuno has…”
“Keep me out of that…keep me out of it,” she yells and hangs up.
Look like I am on my own.
“I love you my wife to be,” I text Lufuno just so I calm myself.
“I love you too. What did your Mom say? Did you call her?”
“She doesn’t want anything to do with you my love…she wants nothing to do with you,” I whisper to myself while I text her that I am still to call my mother in the evening.
I don’t want to hurt her.
I don’t want to tell her that we are on our own on this one!
“I hope she takes the news well,” she responds with a lot of smiley faces.
“She will love you,” I text and throw the phone on the table. I will have to keep trying getting through to my mother because I am not going to allow anyone to hurt my fiancé
But…if you should know the truth Lufuno, we are on our own, babe! We are on our own!