I am woken by wet kisses on my bare back. The kisses are soft and perky; and I am turned on instantly.
Phew! I have been having so much sex to last me a lifetime, so I hope this is not a call for a morning glory.
“Wakey, wakey…” he says while turning me around. He plants a kiss on my lips and move my hair out of my face.
“Good morning,” I murmur without opening my eyes.
“The sunrise is magical,” he says and I carefully open my eyes to get the glimpse of the sunrise. We overslept the past days and missed it. He passes me the gown and I put it on.
“Should I open the curtains?” he asks and I nod. He knows me too well. He opens the curtains and the light fills the room. It is magical to see the sun prudently rising above the blue waters from afar. I love witnessing things like these. I enjoy watching the sun and sip tea while doing so.
I slid my feet into the slippers and walk outside to admire the beauty that God created. It is just after six so I will have to jump back to bed a little later.
We picked the overwater villa, which gives us access to the ocean. The air is refreshing and everything around here is peaceful. If it was possible, I could stay here. It is far away from all my problems.
“Imagine getting married around here…exchanging the vows while floating on the water, wouldn’t that be beautiful?” I ask and he smiles. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he avoids anything that has to do with marriages and weddings.
“It would be beautiful,” he says, atleast he agrees. We can make it possible. We just need to get our closest family members to come witness the union.
We sit by the pool couch. I am sitting in between his legs, with my back rested on his chest.
This is life!
I am glad we came here. I was ready to come here all by myself but he showed up while I was finishing packing and told me he wants to come with me. I was glad that he chose to come along. He left his phones so that he could focus on us this week. If there is any emergency, the reception will pass the messages to us. He also makes the phone calls at the reception. I was grateful because I know things might be slightly hectic when we return back.
After the sunset watch, I take a bath. I should have this in my new house, an open air bathroom. It is too beautiful.
I slid in the tub and rest my head on a bath pillow. This vacation has allowed me to run away from reality. All things are perfect here and I was able to escape from what awaits me when we return back home. I don’t want to talk about it because it saddens me. I am glad the baby is fine but I am scared. I am scared if I will be able to help Khathu accordingly. I know he loves me but the thought of him spending time with Tshepo is not so pleasing.
What did I get myself into?
I am able to smile and hide away the pain and fears I have about our relationships because I want to be with Khathu.
I just have to make this work.
I remember well the words Michelle told me months ago. Mukhethwa is in my heart and that should be enough for me to move on with my life and stop blaming myself for her death.
My baby is in my heart and she is watching over me. This is the chapter I am finally closing this minute and open room for Mulalo in my heart.
“Babe, are you okay?” Khathu asks from behind, “Why are you crying?”
I quickly wipe them off. I didn’t even feel the tears fall down my cheeks.
“I am fine,” I say.
“We need to talk, don’t we?” he asks.
“Should we? I didn’t want to spoil our vacation. It is about us, right?”
“But we can’t run away from the truth Lufuno. I want to know what is bothering you,” he says. A lot is bothering me. I just can’t put it in words but my heart knows exactly.
“Fine, lemme finish up then we will talk over breakfast.”
“I love you okay?” he says and kisses me on the forehead.
“I love you.”
I get into shorts, white sandals and a tank top. I touch up my make-up and tie my hair. Khathu is already waiting for me so we could go down to the restaurant. He takes my hand and leads the way there. Most people prefer room service, but I am kinda tired of eating in bed. I want fine dining and options for more foods.
“I think I should cut down on these croissants or else I will have to sleep in gym for a week,” I say while shoving it in my mouth.
“You will still look just fine after gaining a kilo.”
“Says a man who said he loves my booty just like this,” I say and he giggles.
“I will love you even in your worst days…do you know that?” he asks and I laugh. “I asked for you from God, do you know that? And he gave you to me…so I can’t not appreciate you for the rest of your life.”
Ncooo! How sweet Khathu.
The waiter brings the oats and honey with fruits and lastly pancakes with chocolate syrup. I think I am stress eating right now.
“Babe, do you want to be married to me some day…one day?” Khathu asks out of the blue.
“Uhm…but what if I won’t make a good mother to your kids? What if no one accepts me?”
“I will be marrying you for me, not my mother or my kids…they have their own mothers. I will just need a little help in raising them but I am not expecting you to change your life because of them.”
“And the baby? What if I need a baby soon?” I ask and he raise his brow. I am worried about that one too because he won’t easily want to have a third born so soon.
“Do you want a baby so soon?” he asks.
I don’t know but what if a baby bug hits me?
“Not too soon.”
“If we are both in a good position to have a baby…then why not?”
“And how are you going to raise your kids when we are married?”
“We can always visit them together…we will both have access to them…and they will visit when they can.”
These conversations are not always pleasing because somethings are true good to be true. Julia still hates me for dressing Michelle with a pair of leggings. She will definitely kill me for worse mistakes.”
We spend the rest of the day in the spa. We did scuba diving on Tuesday and did the capital city yesterday.

Tonight we are spending the evening in the pool, talking about the future and what comes with it, we have a private pool. I am sitting with my feet in the pool and sipping my champagne when Khathu swims over to me. He pulls me inside and starts kissing me. I receive his tongue in mine and allow him to caress me. He moves his hand to my back and undo the bikini top. He wins with the knot, so he pulls the bikini top and drops it in the pool, leaving my bare chest. He pulls down my underwear under the water.
He caresses my breasts while pinning my back to the wall of the pool. The water is not too deep so we can both stand perfectly. He grabs my leg and opens it wide for him to enter me. I rest it on his waist while he strongly enters me. This is home for him but we have done this a hundred times since we got here. I made sure I get the IUD inserted to prevent any chance of getting knocked up. No babies for now.
He strokes me a few times but I stopped him. This pool thing is not working. I can’t stand on one foot as I keep floating with each stroke.
“Lets go inside,” I whisper and we hurry inside to finish up.
We are wet and cannot do the bed so he pins me to the wall and continue what he started. He pulls my thigh and start stroking me slowly. He is not saying anything like he always does. He looks stressed and worried. He pumps on me for so long and fast I came first before him. My thigh, the one he carried through out for so long is now hot and painful. He doesn’t take time to pull out of me and groan on my face with his cum warming my thighs.
He picks the towel from the floor and cleans me up before I throw myself on the bed. This standing position is not for me.
“Do you want more champage?” he asks while walking towards the bathroom.
“Champagne? I need to breath first babe,” I say and he winks while walking away.
Without brushing my teeth and my hair, I fell asleep. I am woken by him kissing my lips. It is just after six o’clock in the morning as the watch on the wall says.
“Wakey, wakey…” he says.
“Let’s sleep baby,” I say. I have no plans for this day but to just sleep. We will order food in and sleep again.
“Lets watch the sunrise,” he says.
“Babe, not today…”
Why didn’t we choose the Sunset Villa? This waking up for sunrise worked yesterday. I want to sleep.
“Please, babe…for the last time,” he says while pulling me to sit. I sit up and sway my eyes around the room. It was messy with clothes and towels on the floor when I slept, but now it looks different. Khathu got flowers for the room, but when?
“Babe, where did you get the flowers?” I ask.
“Room service,” I say.
“Room service at six?” I ask while pulling the gown from the chair next to me. He shrugs and waits for me to get dressed.
“Okay, close your eyes,” he says while pulling me to the sliding door.
“Why am I closing my eyes,” I ask.
“The light…I am about to open the curtains,” he says and I close my eyes. He is so thoughtful.
I hear the curtain open and I carefully open my eyes so that I don’t get blinded. I am welcomed by a table set full of breakfast and champagne. The flower petals are all over the floor and the swimming pool. I am smitten right now.
“Babe?” I ask while looking around. He got me more flowers.
“I thought I should just make your morning,” he says while pulling a chair for me.
If our relationship wasn’t new, I’d think he wants to propose. His set-up is beautiful, topped with a perfect sunrise.
“Can I brush my teeth first?” I ask. I didn’t brush them last night too. He nods and I hurry inside to the bathroom. He also placed flowers in the bathroom too.
Imagine? Isn’t he sweet? He should know the love I have for flowers. They bring me this kinda joy I can’t explain.
“Babe, thank you for doing this,” I say while sitting on the chair.
He stands from his chair and kneels beside me.
What is he doing?
He opens a small ring box and shows it to me with a smile.
What? But how?
“Lufuno, you are my dream woman and I want to spend my life with you. You are a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman with a beautiful soul and that is what I need to complete me. I knew the day I laid my eyes on you that I want to be with you. I dreamt of spending my life with you and I want to make that a reality. I prayed to God so many times for you and I am honoured to have you as my woman. It still feels like a dream to have you, believe me,” he says and swallows hard, “Please babe, complete me…be my wife.”
I never thought he wants to marry me. He dodged this question so many times until yesterday morning. This is a shock to me honestly.
“Please babe…I will make sure that I take care of you. I will fight your battles with you and believe me, I will do my best to keep you happy. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I know for sure.”
“Babe,” I whisper.
“Lufuno Mudau, may you please marry me my love?”