Charlotte outdid herself. Infact Lufuno’s team did an exceptional work here. With my bitter heart, allow me to bow down to her. They do not call her the Event Queen for nothing. It is Charlotte’s wedding and everything looks perfect and exclusive. I didn’t see much but I am sold. This is truly a dream come true for Charlotte and I am genuinely happy for her. This is the kind of a wedding I want, but unfortunately I am going to put so much stress to the event planner because they will have to out-do Lufuno.
We are finishing our make-up and hair while Charlotte is getting into an all lace creamy wedding gown. Lord have mercy! She looks like an angel. I want to cry but I cannot because ‘make-up’. The trail flows to the end of the room and the silver beads are sparkling all over the chest area. I watch as she turns to the mirror and smiles at herself. I am happy for her. We are all happy for her. She is twirling in her dress when her cousin comes in with a huge bouquet of pink roses. They remind me of those flowers that Tokello got me on our date in Cape Town. That day that Khathu flew all the way to Cape Town to conceive his baby.
“For me?” Charlotte asks with a huge smile. She picks the card and read it. Instead of a happy smile, she frowns and I see panic in her face.
“What up?” her sister asks while Charlotte walks to the window.
“Whats going on?” her cousin asks. We are now starting to panic at what is written in a card.
“Charlotte, whats going on?” I ask. I am starting to breathe heavily. This baby will give me a heart attack. What is wrong now?
“It’s Lufuno. She just sent this to apologise. She said she won’t make it,” she says and I see relief in everyone’s faces. We thought the groom ran away. Why is she crying over Lufuno? Everything is going on as planned.
“Who is Lufuno?” the cousin asks.
“My wedding planner…she promised to be here to see that everything is going perfectly.”
“Come on…the lady who is running this is good at her job. I saw the garden. Everything looks perfect,” Charlotte’s sister assures her. I also haven’t seen much but from what I saw earlier during breakfast, everything is going perfectly. It is not even two o’clock but the bride and her bridal party are ready for a three o’clock wedding. That is just outstanding.
“Don’t worry…everything will go just perfect,” I say. Now I can breath and have fun. I am happy that Lufuno is not showing up and running around in my face.
After make-up, I get into my dress. It fits just perfect with a peplum hiding a bit of the bump. I look just perfect if I can so say myself.
“Guy, please finish up…we should be getting down to the aisle in less than twenty minutes,” a lady in a black suit says from the door. She has Lufuno written all over her so she is the assistant planner.
“Did you get everything ready?” Charlotte asks. I understand, it is the nerves talking.
“Yes ma’am…everything is P E R F E C T…believe me,” the planner says. I believe her.
“Alright…okay…fine,” Charlotte says.
“I will come back for all of you in fifteen minutes,” she says and walks out of the room.
We take a few headshots with the photographer before she came back to lead us to the garden. We follow behind the planner to the garden area. Charlotte is following behind us with her sister in hand. Her father is waiting for her just next to where we are standing.
“You guys will parade after the gentlemen as rehearsed. Please line up here until your song comes through,” the planner says before she disappeared.
Cherry blossom wedding in Winter, huh? I can’t believe this. Before me lies a flower aisle to the front where the Pastor is waiting for all of us. All you see in this garden is the grass, pure white chairs and sakura flowers all over the place. The pulpit is hidden by the flowers. The aisle is not red or white. We are going to walk on a bank of cherry blossoms. None of this was here last night when we did the rehearsal dinner. It was just an open garden with us standing all over the place.
The gentlemen walk to the front with people cheering and the music playing loudly. They all look like models in tailor made suits and perfectly trimmed hair cuts. They line up perfectly in front on the groom’s side, just like how we rehearsed. The maid of honour parades first with me behind her. I can see smiles on people’s faces. As I parade to the front, I could not help but notice Tokello’s face amongst the people who are smiling at me. He has a marroon and black suit on. He has a perfect and a lustful smile on. Lord! Forgive me, I have sinned! I am lusting on my EX who is lusting on me. This damn hormones just made me drop something on my panty liner. I felt a wet drip down my liner and thank God I am wearing one. Guess what we are parading to? Michael Buble, Nobody but you. The plan is to be cheeky, laugh and dance a bit while the guys mime the words from the front. It is cute but funny and crazy. I dance a bit, the best I could and Tokello laughs out loud. I tried and I think I was so cute doing it. I finish my robot move and rush to stand in front and wait for others to join us.
The groom walks in with his mother and then everyone stand to receive our bride. She takes her time walking down the aisle with her father in hand. I am all smiles as she walks step by step to the front. Tokello is watching me the whole time and I am starting to get a bit hot here. He should keep his eyes to the bride and groom. I am smitten tough…he looks too handsome.


By four thirty we are set for reception.
Phew!! I am tired from the routine step I had to attempt to do. I say attempt because dancing is a skill. Some of these guys went for dancing classes. The moves they did were not part of rehearsal. I am just happy we are done with dancing. All I have to do is to watch Charlotte and her husband dance to Tank, Nothing On.
Do you know what the lyric says? I wonder who picked the song and approved it on the dance floor for the first dance. Hopefully, no one listens to the song. All it says is, “Just make sure when I get there you’re naked…Don’t have nothing on. I want to see what I came for, Soon as I hit the door.”
The old people are ululating so I take they are not listening to the words. The younger ones are enjoying the choreographed moves that Charlotte and her husband are showcasing. I am here getting wet with each word Tank is singing and Tokello giving me an eye every second I glance at him.
Dinner time! Thank God. I can grab something to eat and rush to my room to take off these damn heels. Yoh! I need those pumps so bad.
I serve myself food and take the plate with me to my room. Charlotte booked us rooms in this boutique hotel. I am grateful.
It is already after six thirty and my nap time is almost around the clock. I usually sleep at seven and wake up at nine to work or have supper. My eyes can attest to this, we need a nap.
I eat my supper while standing by the balcony of my room. I have a view of the reception area. Everything is beautiful from up here. The lights are so bright it almost looks like day time.
I finish the food and throw myself on the bed. Habits! After supper we are suppose to sleep.
Fck it! I need a nap.
I take off the dress and careful place it on the couch on the corner of the room. I will get into it later and run down to the reception room and pretend that I have been there all along. I take off the bra and throw it on the couch before putting on my sleeping shirt. I just need a power nap.
I am deep in my sleep when I hear a knock on the door.
‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself while stamping to the door. Can a girl get some sleep?
“There you are.”
“What are you doing here?” I ask and he slightly shift me so he could enter. I am standing here in a shirt and a thong.
“I had to see you,” he says while taking off his jacket. I shut the door and jump back to bed.
“Why?” I ask and he says nothing. He takes his shirt off while I watch.
“I had to see you.”
“What are….what…” I try to ask but he smash his lips on mine. He throws his white shirt on the floor and make me lie perfectly on the bed.
I never thought we will ever get to this. All emotions are flooding me. Is this right? Is this wrong? Should I care? Why did he follow me to my room? His hands are cold on my skin but I love the touch. He smells just like he always did and I still love all of it. He smells expensive and that scent is not making me sick, surprisingly. His whispering is hypnotising me and I love it.
“You are beautiful,” he whispers to my ear and I flinch a bit. Does he mean it? It doesn’t matter, does it? I need this. I NEED THIS!!!!
“What are you doing?” I ask again. I have to be sure.
“Sexy so sexy…You are sexy…so sexy…” he whispers. Why does he sound like Tank now? He kisses me and I kiss back while wrapping my arms on him. I miss him. I miss this.
“What…what are you doing? I am pregnant Tokello?”
“I know,” he says while pulling my sleeping shirt off. I lift my arms so he could easily pull it out. He throws it on the floor and grabs my boobs.
“Babe…please…” he says while staring in my eyes. I blink and he suck on my first breast with his other hand on the other bare breast.
“Tokello…I am pregnant,” I warn him again but he doesn’t care. I am still enjoying him on my chest when I feel him enter me without a warning. It is done, no stopping this.
He thrashes me a few times, hitting them walls. I want to scream just like he likes it but I don’t want to sound like a freak. He is a stranger now. He thrashes me some more until I feel that ‘feeling’ building up, ready to explode together with my body.
“Tshepo…Tshepo…” I hear him scream. He screams so loudly until his voice turns into a woman’s voice.
What the?
The feeling is building up but I am disturbed by his woman voice.
“Tshepo…open up…Tshepo…” the voice follows the bang on the door. I open my eyes, “Tshepo, open now.”
What the?
I storm to the door.
“Hey, why are you dressed like that? We have to do the last routine dance for the guests before we change out of the clothes,” Charlotte’s sister yells.
Did she just disturb my dream when I was about to cum? For a routine dance? Really?
“Dress up. We have to do the last routine dance before we change to jeans for after party,” she says while walking into my room.
Perfect! Just Fcn perfect!!! I slam the door. I was almost cuming. Damn her!!!!